Everything You Need To Know About: Thailand Work Visa Requirements

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Thailand work visa requirements

Thailand is a tourist gem situated in Southeast Asia. Thailand is renowned for its delicious cuisine, bustling local markets and beautiful resorts. It holds the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia and is one of the leading countries with high paying job opportunities. Many people migrate to Thailand to avail good job opportunities and have their dream life. In this article, we will get to know about the Thailand Work Visa Requirements and other important aspects related to it.

What Is a Thailand Work Visa?

One who aspires to work in Thailand but is not a citizen of Thailand has to get a Thailand Work Visa as it is a legal requirement. You must be in possession of a Thai Non-Immigrant Visa to apply for a work permit. There are several steps which one has to follow to get a Thailand work Visa and we will explore all requirements and application process of Thailand Work Visa in this article.

Thailand work visa requirements

Thailand Work Visa Eligibility Requirements

To learn about the Thailand Work Visa Eligibility Requirements read the below-given points-

  • Before entering Thailand  it is necessary to obtain a non-immigration B visa or a resident visa
  • The applicant’s employer has to provide documents for the work permit and with this proof that the work performed by the overseas employee is not prohibited.

For the employing company:

The company must have a registered capital of at least THB 2,000,000 and must have paid income tax of at least 5,000,000 in the last three years to the revenue department.
It is crucial that the 50 Thigh citizens must be working or employed in the organisation

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Thailand Work Visa Requirement

To get a Thailand Work Visa you have to submit some important documents with your application and the list of these important documents is given below for your convenience-

  • Applicant’s passport which should have validity for the next six months and two blank pages
  • In the next step, applicants have to acquire a Thailand Work Visa online from the embassy website or via the in-person method from the embassy consulate.
  • Passport- A photo of the candidate will be required.
  • Applicants have to give proof of financial status via a bank statement
  • An applicant has to provide a police clearance certificate to prove that he/she does not have any criminal history.
  • Applicants must have a letter of approval issued by the Thailand Ministry of Labour. The applicant’s employer in Thailand has to submit an approval request to Officefice of Foreign Workers Administration.
  • If the applicant is a teacher at the level of pre-university then you will need to subtitle-

Letter of acceptance from the educational institution

A letter of Approval issued by a relevant Thai government agency will be required.
The school”s licence will be required or the list of stakeholders and the school’s profile
Applicant’s CV/resume will be required

Thailand Work Visa Requirements- Application

Before you travel to Thailand you have to apply for the Thailand Work Visa from one of the diplomatic mission offices of Thailand in your home country.

Thailand work visa requirements
  • Contact the Thailand Embassy or Consulate or visit the website if one is available and then book an appointment with this also inquire about the time and method of payment which they prefer.
  • Gather all the documents required for the Thai Visa application
  • Submit the visa application and pay the required fee
  • Applicants have to wait for the application to be processed
  • Collect the passport and visa whenever released by the embassy.

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Thailand Work Visa Processing Time

In Thailand, the processing time of the Work Visa differs according to where you apply for the work permit. The Thailand Work Visa processing time can take up to 10 working days. To get your Thailand Work Visa as soon as possible you have to apply and fill out the application sincerely.

Fee For The Thailand Work Visa

To get an idea of the Thailand Work Visa fee you can explore the below given table and it is informed that the fee may vary as it depends upon the country-

Single-entry Thailand Work Visa2,000 Thai Baht
Multiple-entry Thailand Work Visa5,000 Thai Baht

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How to get a work visa in Thailand?

To get a Thailand Work Visa one has to go through several steps first you have to get an appointment then submit the application with the required documents and pay the fees. After paying the fees one has to wait for the approval from the embassy.

Can Indians get a work visa in Thailand?

Yes, it is possible to get the visa and you just need to be conscious and fill out the application form correctly with the appropriate qualifications and skills.

Is there a 2-year work permit in Thailand?

In Thailand, a work permit will be offered for 2 years but the work permit for the regular position is offered for 1 year only. The work permit must be renewed before its expiry date.

Here we end our article which was about the Thailand Work Visa Requirements and to know more about the visa abroad you can stay connected to Leverage Edu’s page.

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