Global Talent Visa Australia – A Complete Guide for 2024

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Global talent visa also known as subclass 858 is a part of the Global Talent Independent Program Australia. This program is aimed at making permanent residency easier for highly skilled persons in Australia. To be eligible for this program the candidates are required to demonstrate that they are beneficial for Australia both economically and socially. Candidates must check the below article to learn more about Global Talent Visa Australia such as eligibility criteria, allowances, requirements, validity, cost, the application process, etc.

What is a Global Talent Visa in Australia?

Global talent visa is for the brightest and the best global talent. This visa comprises two major pathways Global Talent Pathway and, Distinguished Talent Pathway. This visa program offers a pathway for individuals with outstanding achievements. This creates opportunities for Australians by transferring skills, promoting innovation, and creating jobs. The cost of this visa starts from AUD4,710.00. 

Global Talent Visa Australia

Requirements of Global Talent Visa Australia

Check below the requirements of Global Talent Visa Australia:

  • Candidates should be either in or outside Australia but not be in immigration clearance 
  • One should have an internationally recognized record of outstanding achievement in a profession, a sport, arts, academics, or research
  • Candidates must have a nominator with a national reputation, in the same area of talent as the candidate and should be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia, an eligible NewZealand citizen, an Australian organization

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Allowances of Global Talent Visa Australia 

Know the allowances of Global  Talent Visa Australia:

  • Candidates can stay in Australia permanently 
  • With this visa, the candidates can work and study in Australia
  • Individuals are eligible to enrol in Australia’s public healthcare scheme, medicare
  • The students can even sponsor their relatives to come to Australia 
  • The individuals can travel to and from Australia for five years
  • If they are eligible they can even apply for Australian citizenship
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Eligibility Criteria for Global Talent Visa Australia

Know the eligibility criteria to get a Global Talent Visa Australia given below:

  • The candidates must be nominated on a form 1000 at the time of application 
  • Candidates should have internationally recognized record of outstanding achievements
  • The individuals must be an asset to the Australian community 
  • They should have the ability to establish themselves in Australia
  • The candidates can be of any age to apply for this visa 
  • They should meet the health and character requirements
  • They should have paid any previous debts 
  • Candidates should not have had any visa cancelled or any previous application refused.

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Application Process of Global Talent Visa

Check below the step-by-step process to apply for Global Talent Visa Australia:

  • There are two pathways for global talent visas: the Global Talent Pathway and the Distinguished Talent Pathway. To apply for Global Talent Pathway candidates are first required to get an Expression of Interest (EOI) and have received an invitation to apply. On the other hand, Distinguished Talent Pathway applicants are not required to have an invitation.
  • Gather all the required documents 
  • Candidates need to apply for the Global Talent Visa online
  • After receiving the applications the official authorities will give the required updates to the candidates
  • When the visa outcome is given the candidates can be either in or outside Australia but not in immigration clearance. The candidates will be given the decision in writing.
    • If the visa is granted then the decision will be given as:
      • Your visa granted a number 
      • The date your visa starts
      • Your visa conditions, if applicable
    • If the visa is refused then the decision will be given as:
      • Why is the visa refused?
      • Whether they have the right to review the decision

Validity  Period of Global Talent Visa Australia

This is a permanent visa and allows an individual to stay in Australia indefinitely. Candidates become a permanent resident of Australia on the day the visa is granted. In case of citizenship purposes permanent residency will start on the day:

  • Visa is granted and they are in Australia
  • They enter Australia on this visa if they are outside Australia 

Processing Time for Global Talent Visa

Check below the global talent visa processing times for each pathway:

PathwayProcessing times
Global Talent Pathway2 up to 3 months
Distinguished Talent Pathway1 and a half years up to two years

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Is it easy to get a Global Talent Visa in Australia?

An individual cannot apply for a Global Talent Visa if they are not nominated. The candidate’s skills and expertise must be recognized and endorsed by an eligible organization.

What is the processing time of Global Talent Visa Australia?

This visa is usually processed within two days of submission of application however, the standard processing time varies from 73 days to 3 months.

Can the global talent visa be rejected?

Yes, the global talent visa can be rejected if the candidates submit inadequate or fake documents in favour of their exceptional talent.

Who is eligible for a global talent visa in Australia?

People who are highly talented in one of the Minister’s designated areas (or a comparable sector) and who presently earn, or are expected to earn, at least the Fair Work high-income threshold are eligible to participate in the Global Talent program.

The above article was all about global talent visas in Australia, allowances, requirements, validity, cost, etc. Candidates who want to apply for a Visa to make their study abroad journey successful can drop us a comment in the section below, or can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, to get guidance on their dream journey!

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