A Complete Guide for Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements 2024

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Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements

Egypt has one of the most ancient and breathtaking landscapes with a vibrant culture. This is also one of the most famous travel destinations. If you want to travel to Egypt, you are required to apply for an Egypt Tourist visa. So it is your first and foremost duty to know about the requirements that can help you apply for an Egypt tourist visa. In this article, we have included every detail that can help you understand the Egypt tourist visa requirements. Refer to this article to learn more about the requirements to apply for an Egypt tourist visa. 

About Egypt Tourist Visa

Egypt, with its iconic pyramids, is a tourist haven. Aside from this, the nation offers fascinating historical and cultural landmarks as well as stunning natural scenery. A tourist visa is required if you wish to travel to the nation. The 30-day visa is valid. With this visa, you can travel the nation or pay a visit to a relative.

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Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements- Eligibility Requirements 

Egypt visas are not required for tourists to enter Egypt if they are citizens of the following nations: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Macao, and Hong Kong. Certain other nationalities can apply for an Egypt visa at Egyptian ports of entry. 

The nearest Egypt embassy or representative office overseas is where citizens of all other nations who are not on the aforementioned eligibility list or who are not entitled to a visa-on-arrival should apply in person. Alternatively, they may apply online for an Egypt e-visa.

  • Have a sincere intention of visiting the nation
  • Possess the resources to support your stay Fulfill the standards for character and health. 
  • Demonstrate your motivation for wanting to go back home.
Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements

Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements- Documents Requirements 

The following list of documents is needed in order to apply for a tourist visa to Egypt:

  • A current, original passport that has at least six months remaining on it after the date of return from Egypt.
  • The visa application form in two copies
  • Two current passport-size photos
  • Tickets for a return flight
  • They would be represented in Egypt with a cover letter from the corporation.
  • A business letter of invitation from the Egyptian equivalent. The letter needs to be delivered straight to the embassy or consulate.
  • Evidence of the applicant’s finances, such as a foreign exchange endorsement or an overseas credit card.
  • Evidence of presence in Egypt, such as hotel reservations.
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Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements-  Passport Requirements 

Here are some guidelines to assist you in understanding passport criteria so that you can apply for a tourist visa to Egypt:

  • A copy of the completed application form with a photo and a fully signed and completed visa application form with one photo stapled to the form.
  • One recent, high-definition, 2 × 2 personal passport photo, placed on a white backdrop; the photo cannot be older than six months.
  • Original passport along with TWO copies of the information page (valid for at least half a year) and a blank page for the visa.

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Cost of Egypt Tourist Visa 

The fees for an Egypt visa for Indian citizens are listed below.

Types of Visa CategoryFee (Approx)

Egypt Tourist Visa 
Single Entry2700 Rs. 
Multiple Entry  5800 Rs. 

Egypt Tourist Visa Validity

Before going to Egypt, visitors can apply online for a tourist visa. Both a single-entry and multiple-entry e-visa are available for Egypt, with the former allowing a 30-day stay and the latter a 90-day stay. Tourism visas to Egypt are valid for three months after they are granted.

The nearest Egypt embassy or representation office should be the place to apply for an Egypt “sticker” visa if you are not eligible to apply online for an Egypt e-visa. For further details on the particular visa application processes that apply to your situation, it is recommended that you get in touch with the Egyptian embassy in the nation where you now reside.

Egypt Tourist Visa Processing Time

After the application is finished and all required paperwork is in, the processing period for an Egypt e-visa might be anything from two to seven business days. Applying at least seven days in advance of your trip to Egypt is advised.

Egypt Tourist Visa Application Process

Egypt has simplified the travel process for qualified visitors by enabling them to apply for an Egypt e-visa online in a few easy steps through the official Egypt e-visa portal.

  • Fill out the application for a tourist visa to Egypt: Complete the application for a tourist visa to Egypt.
  • Pay the expenses for an Egypt tourist visa: Please use a valid credit or debit card to pay the application cost.
  • Await the decision on the Egypt tourist visa.

• The email address you supplied will get your Egypt e-visa if it is authorised.

• Take a copy of your authorized Egypt e-visa and print it out.

• Verify that the details on the visa match those on your passport.

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How much bank balance is required for an Egypt tourist visa?

A valid cover letter to the consulate, plane tickets, and bank statements from the last six months that have been gazette-attested (with a minimum amount of Rs. 50,000) are some of the documentation required for this Egypt visa for Indian nationals.

Can we apply for an Egypt visa online?

The official website requires you to apply for an Egypt e-visa online at least seven days prior to your intended trip.

How long does Egypt’s eVisa take?

Applications for Egypt eVisas are typically handled in five working days. In the unlikely event that there are delays, travelers are urged to apply at least seven days before their intended departure from Egypt. Most of the time, travelers will get their Egypt eVisa considerably faster—possibly in only one or two days.

We hope you now understand the Egypt Tourist Visa Requirements. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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