Quick Revision Of Business Visa UK Requirements In 2024

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Business Visa UK Requirements

The UK is one such country that has travelers coming in for all the purposes like studying, tourism, work, business, etc. The country provides opportunities for all kinds of travelers from across the world. Several people travel every year to the UK for business-related purposes considering the vibrant economy of the country. To be able to travel to the country for business you need to obtain a Business visa to the UK first. Let’s check out Business visa UK requirements before putting in the application.

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What Is A UK Business Visa?

The UK plays a vital role in the global economy and hence is undoubtedly the top destination for business persons globally. The people traveling to the UK for the purpose of business are given a permit to travel and stay in the country through UK business visas. The visas allow the business persons to be able to have a comfortable stay in the country for the given period of validity. The validity of the visa is 6 months. 

Business Visa UK Requirements

Eligibility Requirements For Business Visa UK 

You will be eligible to travel on a UK business visa if you meet any of the following eligibility requirements or are traveling for the following given purposes:

  • You need to travel for the purpose of attending a meeting, conference, or training
  • You need to travel to take part in any sports event
  • You need to perform some kind of business activity 
  • You are funding or joining a UK-based business
  • You are an employee of a company and are going to take part in any corporate activity
  • You are going to conduct an audit in the UK branch of some group of company

Other general eligibility requirements are:

  • Your age must be at least 18 years
  • You must meet the health requirements to travel
  • You can support yourself financially and have enough funds to sustain yourself during your stay in the country
  • If you are going to conduct business with another organization, you must have a legal invitation for the same
  • You must have the proof of the business activity for which you need the visa
  • You must have the will to leave the country after the purpose is met.

Document Requirements for Business Visa UK

The following is the list of the basic documents needed as business visa UK requirements:

  • A completed visa application form according to the type of visa you have opted
  • You need to submit a valid passport which should be valid for three months from the date you plan to leave the country after the travel with at least one blank page for the purpose of stamp
  • You need to submit two of your passport-size photographs which are clicked in the past six months in accordance with the guidelines of the country 
  • The bank statement of the last six months to show as proof of the availability of the financial means to support your living while staying in the UK
  • You need to provide the rental agreement, contract, or similar documents as proof of your accommodation confirmation to stay in the country
  • You will need to get a tuberculosis test done and submit the report as proof of fitness
  • A travel plan or itinerary is required to be submitted with a complete plan of what you will do in the country
  • If you are staying with a friend or family member residence you need to submit a letter of invitation from them 
  • If the visa application is for more than 6 months of duration then you need to submit your biometric details like a photograph and fingerprints taken at the application center
  • You need to provide a translation of any document that is not in English or Welsh and the translation should be certified
  • If applicable you will be required to submit a cover letter with a complete description of the reason for your need to go to the UK and your clear and convincing will to return
  • You need to submit the fee slip of the paid application fee for the visa along with other documents
Business Visa UK Requirements

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Requirements Based On Employment Status

Check below the requirements based on the status os employment:


You will need to submit a letter from your employer mentioning your position at work, salary, and duration of work if you are employed in an organization


Registration and trading documents of the business with the details of the owner if self-employed


A letter provided by the educational institute confirming the enrolment, fee, and other important details

Requirements for Applicants Under 18

If the person traveling is under the age of 18, they need to submit other documents mentioned below as part of the Business visa UK requirements:

  • You need to submit your birth certificate
  • A copy of the biographical page of the passport or guardian who is accompanying in the travel (if any)
  • If traveling with a guardian, a letter from parents is needed to confirm the same
  • If you are adopted then the adoption papers also need to be submitted

Here are the details about How to make a UK Visa application

Application Process For Business Visa UK

The following are the steps to be followed to apply for a Business visa to the UK:

  •  First of all, be prepared with all the documents and the requirements mentioned above or any other if asked, and keep the necessities handy to be able to submit at the time of application.
  • Go to the application center for the application or self-apply through the official portal of the country for the required visa type.
  • Fill out the application form with the correct details and attach whichever documents are asked
  • Pay the visa application fee and collect the slip to be submitted with the documents at the application center
  • Book yourself an appointment at the application center even if the application is self-made to submit the documents and give biometric information if applicable
  • Visit the application center on the asked date and submit all the documents and biometric information
  • Keep tracking your application to be updated with the status.

UK business Visa Fees

The business visa requirements UK include submitting of the visa application fee. The UK business visa fees are as follows:

Visa Category Fees
Visit visa – long up to 2 years£376
Visit visa – short up to 6 months£100
Visit visa – long up to 10 years£822
Visit visa – long up to 5 years£670
Private medical treatment visa – more than 6 months£200
Visiting academic – ( 6 months- 12 months)£200
Transit visit visa (landside transit)£64
Transit visa – (direct airside transit)£35
Electronic Visa Waiver£30
Visa to join an aircraft/ship£64
Single-entry visa to substitute for a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)£154
Hong Kong British National (Overseas) for 30 months£180
Other visas£531
Route to Settlement – other dependent relative£3,250
Route to Settlement£1,538
Route to Settlement – refugee dependant relative£388
Indefinite leave to enter the UK as the dependant of a member of the armed forces£2,404
Call out/ out of hours fee (per hour/part hour) – service of consular officers£142
Indefinite leave to enter the UK as a foreign or Commonwealth citizen discharged from HM Forces£2,404
Administrative review£80

5 Tips for a Successful UK Visa Application

Here are 5 tips for a successful UK visa application 

  1. Understand the visa requirements, study the official guidelines, and prepare a solid business plan. The business plan must clearly outline the activities in the UK. The business must also be sustainable or viable.
  2. Gather complete, and accurate documentation. Make sure you have sufficient funds to support your business activities.
  3. Seek the guidance of a qualified immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer 
  4. Be transparent and honest while filling out the visa application form. Make sure that the visa application is complete 
  5. Avoid last-minute planning and plan well in advance. Keep track of the visa updates and wait for the visa application decision. 


What documents are required at the UK port entry?

At the UK port of entry, you only need to present your passport and a visa that is approved. This is only applicable to non-EU/EEA nationals. The EU/EEA nationals can only need an ID or passport. 

How much bank balance is required for a UK business visa?

The minimum bank balance required per person is 2,00,000-3,00,000 INR to show that you have enough funds to help you sustain yourself throughout your visit to the UK.

What is the cost of a UK business visa?

The application fee for the UK business visa is 31,605,58 INR and the Healthcare surcharge is 1,09,784 INR per year. Both of the fees are needed to be paid at the time of application.

Which visa is required to do business in UK?

A business visitor visa is needed to undertake business in UK. However, this visa is only to undertake short-term activities in the country. For longer activities, you can apply for a long-stay business visa. 

We hope you understand everything about Business Visa UK requirements. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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