K3 Visa Processing Time: What To Expect And How To Prepare

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K3 Visa Processing Time

If you are looking to bring your spouse to the United States, understanding the K-3 visa process is essential. Here we get information about the K-3 visa application, current processing times, and practical tips to simplify your journey. There are many visas but for married couples visas have different categories such as conditional Residence, K3 visa, and Immediate Relative. There is a benefit of the K-3 visa which is that you can file for a work permit which is an important factor for many Immigrants.

What Is K3 Visa?

The K3 Visa enables the spouse from a foreign country to move to the US and stay there while they wait for the immigrant visa petition to get approved. this is for married couples only when one spouse is in a foreign country and the other spouse is a US citizen. There are different types of spouse visas which we will get to know later in this article.

K3 Visa Processing Time

What Is The K3 Visa Processing Time?

On average, the K3 visa processing time is between three to thirteen months.depending upon the situation of a couple there are different types of spouse visas for the US.below given are some of the spouse visas such as-

  • Conditional Resident- means you will maintain conditional status for two years and you just have been married. this is to stave off marriages from happening only for obtaining permanent residence in the US.
  • K3 Visa- Spouse of a US citizen awaiting approval of an l-130 immigration petition.
  • Immediate Relative- Without the conditions of the CR-1 visa after you have been married for 2 years you will gain permanent status.
K3 Visa Processing Time

 Eligibility Criteria For The K3 Visa?

The eligibility criteria that the spouse living in a foreign country has to complete to qualify for the K3 visa are given below-

  • Married to a US citizen- The couple must have to prove that the marriage is legal then only the couple will be allowed to stay there.
  • Form l-130 must be filled out by the spouse in the US for the spouse living in a foreign country.

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Documents Required For K3 Visa

Here is the list of documents required for the K3 Visa-

  • Completed form DS-160 will be required
  • A valid passport will be required with a validity date of at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States.
  • Civil Documents include copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce or death certificates, police certificates, medical examinations,
  • A copy of the Birth Certificate will be required
  • A copy of the Marriage certificate will be required
  • A divorce or Death certificate copy will be required
  • A Police Certificate from your present country will be required
  • Evidence of financial funds in the bank account will be required
  • Medical Examination will be required
  • Evidence of relationship with your spouse who is a US citizen

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How To Apply For The K3 VISA?

  • The spouse living in the US must file form l-130 and form l-129 and should have them approved by USCIS.
  • The spouse from the foreign country must have applied for the K3 visa at a US embassy in the country of residence.
  • Complete medical examination and vaccination- Applicant must have to go through necessary medical check-ups and vaccines if they want to move to the US.
  • Applicant must complete the documents file which will be required for the K3 visa.
  • The NVC will first check all of your documents and then they will schedule an interview at the US embassy there you will be questioned about your travelling reason to the US.

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Validity Of The K3 Visa

The K3 visa has a validity of 2 years. The K3 visa can be renewed but will be revoked in case of an increment of 2 years, but it can be revoked in case the US Department of State rejects form l-130, the application for lawful permanent residence or if the couple gets divorced.

Fees For The K-3 Visa

  • At different stages, you have to pay fees while applying for a K-3 visa-
  • At the time of the presentation of the l-130 Immigration Petition for Alien Relative Form: it was 535 Dollars.
  • Submission of the l-129 per
  • Submission for Alien Finance form:460 Dollars
  • Biometric examination fee
  • Medical examination fee


What are the main requirements for a K-3 Visa?

The major requirements to get eligible for a K-3 visa are that you should be legally married to a US citizen he/she must have filed an l-130 petition. and if you think you meet this criterion then you must contact a qualified K-3 Visa lawyer or attorney.

Can you study or work on a K-3 Visa?

Yes, you are permitted to study and work on a K-3 visa by applying for an implement authorization document (EAD) visa form l-765.

How long can I stay in the US with a K3 visa?

As the validity for the k-3 visa is two years due to this you can stay in the US for up to two years. and it is not permissible to apply for any other non-immigrant category.

Which is better K1 or K3?

As there are many visas as per the status of the couples. If you are already married then the k3 visa is perfect and if you are engaged and plan to wed in the US then the K1 visa will be the correct option.

Here we end our article which was about the K3 Visa processing time and to get more information about jobs abroad, universities and visa abroad you can stay connected to Leverage Edu’s page.

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