99+ Sentences With Yet Conjunction For You!

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Sentences with yet conjunction: We often use the word ‘yet’ in our sentences which is a part of English grammar. Now, if you are a grammar nazi, you must be knowing that this word is a conjunction. But do you know what type of conjunction it is? Words like ‘yet’ are used to join two sentences and refer to something future. In this blog post, we will talk about sentences with yet conjunction, what type of conjunction it comes under and several examples to give you a basic idea. 

Meaning of ‘Yet’

The word ‘yet’ is often used in sentences to create a contrast or refer to the future or something that is needed in more quantity. This word is also used as but when differentiating between two ideas. Here are some examples of ‘yet’ conjunction and how it can be used in sentences. 

Sentences With Yet Conjunction

What Conjunction Does ‘Yet’ Come in?

‘Yet’ comes under coordinating conjunction. Other words which come under coordinating conjunction are ‘for and so’. This word is used to join two sentences together. Words like these usually go in the middle and after a comma (,). 

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50+ Sentences with Yet Conjunction

Here are some sentences with yet conjunctions to further make you understand how this word can be used. Here are some examples for you. 

She hasn’t completed her project yet.
He hasn’t returned the book to the library yet.
We haven’t booked our tickets yet.
I haven’t had breakfast yet.
They haven’t announced the winner yet.
The store hasn’t opened yet.
He hasn’t decided on his major yet.
Have you seen the new movie yet?
She hasn’t called me back yet.
I haven’t finished my homework yet.
I haven’t visited Europe yet, but it’s on my bucket list.
Have you finished your assignment yet?
Despite the rain, the picnic hasn’t been cancelled yet.
He hasn’t apologized for his mistake yet.
Are you ready to leave yet, or do you need more time?
The movie hasn’t started yet; we still have a few minutes.
We haven’t decided on a restaurant yet for dinner tonight.
She hasn’t found her keys yet; they must be somewhere in the house.
I haven’t made up my mind yet about which college to attend.
The cake hasn’t cooled down enough yet to add the frosting.
She hasn’t finished her homework yet.
Have you met our new neighbour yet?
We haven’t decided on a vacation destination yet.
The sun hasn’t risen yet; it’s still dark outside.
He hasn’t confessed his feelings to her yet.
They haven’t announced the winner of the competition yet.
I haven’t received a response to my email yet.
We haven’t seen any progress on the project yet.
The store hasn’t restocked those items yet.
He hasn’t apologized for his behaviour yet.
I haven’t completed my homework yet.
Have you seen the new series yet?
The sun hasn’t risen yet.
He hasn’t confessed his feelings to her yet.
I haven’t had breakfast yet.
They haven’t announced the winner of the competition yet.
We haven’t explored that part of the town yet.
I haven’t found the right job yet.
The cake isn’t ready yet; it needs more time in the oven.
He hasn’t returned from his trip yet.
She hasn’t made up her mind yet.
Have you finished the book yet?
The results of the experiment haven’t come in yet.
We haven’t started the project yet.
They haven’t finished construction yet.
The train hasn’t arrived at the platform yet.
He still hasn’t apologized for his mistake yet.
I haven’t visited that country yet, but I hope to one day.
She hasn’t graduated from college yet.
I haven’t read the book yet.

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Can we use ‘but’ and ‘yet’ together in a sentence?

Yes, we can use both ‘but’ and ‘yes’ together in a sentence. However, there should be two ideas to express or else it will be considered grammatically incorrect.

What is an example of ‘yet’ being used in a sentence?

Here is an example sentence: His latest novel is his best one yet.

What is the synonym of the word ‘yet’?

The synonyms of the word ‘yet’ are as yet, so far, until now and several others. 

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