9+ Antonyms of Cold, with Meanings & Example

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Antonyms of Cold

The antonyms of the word “cold” are warm, hot, friendly and the list goes on. The antonyms of the word refer to someone who is welcoming or has a friendly nature. While the word ‘cold’ means someone who lacks emotions. To know more about the antonyms of cold and meaning, continue reading the blog article below.

Meaning of Cold

The word ‘cold’ is an adjective which has two meanings. One meaning is for those people who lack emotions and are typically cold-hearted. Another meaning is something that is cold and has a very low temperature than is normally acceptable.

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Antonyms of Cold

Here are some antonyms of the word ‘cold’ that can be used in its place.’

  • Hot
  • Warming
  • Boiling
  • Burning
  • Sweltering
  • Igneous
  • Fiery
  • Molten
  • Lukewarm
  • Broiling
  • Warm
  • Heated
  • Roasting

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Usage with Examples

Here are some sentences that can be made out of the above-mentioned antonyms:

  • It was a boiling hot day today.
  • The iron ore is in the molten state.
  • The island was uplifted and igneous intrusions took place.
  • The car was painted a fiery red.

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Antonyms of Cold Quiz

Here is a small quiz that we have prepared for you to check your knowledge.

Choose the correct antonym of ‘cold’.

Question 1: What is the opposite of ‘cold’ when referring to the temperature?

  1. Mild
  2. Lukewarm
  3. Hot
  4. Warm

Question 2: What is the antonym of ‘cold’ when referring to a response?

  1. Eager
  2. Positive
  3. Warm
  4. Enthusiastic


  1. Warm
  2. Positive

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This was all about the “antonyms of cold” with meaning and examples. Hopefully, you understood the usage of the word. To read more antonym blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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