9+ Antonyms of Reverence, Meaning and Examples 

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“Reverence” is a noun that refers to a profound respect or admiration for someone or something, often with a sense of awe or deference. Some common antonyms of the ‘reverence’ are mockery, contempt, irreverence, scorn, disdain etc.

Meaning of Reverence

It implies a feeling of deep regard and esteem, and it is often associated with feelings of honor and veneration. Reverence can be directed towards a person, an idea, a place, a tradition, or anything that is considered worthy of great respect.

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Antonyms of Reverence

The antonyms of “reverence” include:

  1. Disrespect
  2. Irreverence
  3. Contempt
  4. Disregard
  5. Disdain
  6. Scorn
  7. Impiety
  8. Profanity
  9. Blasphemy
  10. Mockery

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Usage with Examples

Here are examples of these antonyms used in sentences:

  • His disrespectful behavior towards elders was frowned upon by the community.
  • The comedian’s irreverence towards traditional customs offended some audience members.
  • Her scornful remarks about the project reflected her lack of appreciation for the effort put in.
  • The artist’s depiction of religious figures was considered by some as blasphemous.

Antonyms of Reverence Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of reverence from the options listed below:

  1. Disdain
  2. Fickle
  3. Seriousness

Answer: Disdain

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