At the Cutting Edge Meaning, Examples and Synonyms

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at the cutting edge meaning

The meaning of the idiom at the cutting edge is ‘at the latest stage’ or ‘advanced’. At the cutting edge is a phrase that can be used with direct or indirect meaning. It is the most developed form of the thing being referred to in the conversation.  

When you say at the cutting edge of something you mean that nothing in the market is newer than that. The latest in line is the cutting edge. It is used since the 19th century as a metaphor for the newest.

The origin of the phrase is very simple. Metaphorically, something that is at the edge is naturally superior, as there is nothing beyond it. When something latest or perhaps better appears, it is at that cutting edge like the tip of a blade. 

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Usage with Examples

This term is widely used in the modern world in fields of innovation, technology and business. New designs, inventions, plans and strategies are often declared at the cutting edge. This is to declare them unparalleled. 

The term is used in schools and colleges, homes and offices equally to talk about the developments taking place around us. The tone of the sentence is energetic and exciting with a sense of pride in the development. 

Mostly used in fields like business and technology, at the cutting edge is a synonym that also entitles unsaid competitiveness in these fields around the world. 

Here are some examples of how you can use the phrase, at the cutting edge in your day-to-day conversations. 

  • Da Vinci’s work was at the cutting edge of innovation at that time. 
  • Stem cell therapy never fails to remain at the cutting edge of rejuvenating techniques. 
  • The new startup built itself by consistently remaining at the cutting edge of changes in the business world. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words to At the Cutting Edge

Here are some words and phrases that mean the same thing as at the cutting edge.

  • Latest 
  • Spearhead
  • Avant-garde
  • Progressive
  • Pioneering
  • State-of-the-art
  • Contemporary

At the Cutting Edge Meaning Quiz

This project is at the cutting edge of technology, a layman will not be able to understand______. 

  1. That it has loopholes
  2. Its scope 
  3. How to read it

Ans. Its scope

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