11 Proverbs About Money: Valuable Lessons of Life

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Proverbs about Money: Money is a valuable asset in a person’s life and what could be the best to understand it than through proverbs? These are short sayings or advice which have been passed from traditions. Learning proverbs about money gives you a lesson about its use at different times. In the blog, we will learn some important proverbs about money that will provide you with valuable lessons.

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5 Common Proverbs About Money You Must Know About

The proverbs about money provide so many valuable lessons to the people. They provide an understanding of how money is used by different people at different times. These short proverbs have a strong message every time a reader reads them. In the table, we have discussed some commonly used proverbs about money.

Proverbs Meaning in English
Money can’t buy happinessIt explains that happiness comes from the inside and not from buying material possessions and having lots of money.
Money is like seawater.
The more you drink, the thirstier you become
The proverb from Arthur Schopenhauer explains the more wealthier you get more greedier you will come. 
Money is powerMoney is a kind of power, as you can buy whatever you want from it. You can use it to be in power and control the economy.
You cannot serve God and MammonIt explains that God and Money cannot be worshipped together. 
Money is the root of all evilIt tell us that the love for money is the main cause of all evil. The greater desire for money leads to damaged relationships and making poor choices.

6+ Proverbs About Money: Additional List

Proverbs are traditional short phrases that give important lessons about life. They are usually short and express some life advice. It also provides the idea of life and explains the culture of the country. The proverbs about money provide so many life lessons about it explaining how it affects life when it comes in life and goes from it. The proverbs made on money tell about both the positive and negative effects of it. Here, we have discussed some of the proverbs that will tell you about the importance of money.

Well-Ordered Charity Starts with Oneself 

The French Proverb talks about the importance of money in the lives of people. Someone must fulfil their own needs first and then help others. The people before starting charity must think about whether they have enough money so that they can fulfill their own needs.

Proverbs About Money

Save for a Rainy Day

The rainy day here is used for ‘bad times’ as in the proverb it was said to save money for the future which will be useful in times of misfortune. Humans face both good and bad times so they need to be prepared for both situations. They should have some savings for the bad times which will help them come out from that phase.

Proverbs About Money

The Lord Hates Those Who Get Rich by Injustice

The proverb is from the bible that teaches us that the money acquired by doing injustice, bad acts, and corrupt methods is hated by God.  People who become rich by accumulating wealth in unethical ways are never liked by God. God loves people who work with honesty and follow the right path.

Proverbs About Money

Give to God First

Remember the god when you are earning or getting something good as well as attaining a huge amount of wealth in life. Spend your money on religious purposes and take his name while achieving any kind of valuable thing or getting success.

Give to God First

Do not Toil to Acquire Wealth; Be Discerning Enough to Desist

In the proverb, Solomon sneers at lazy people and warns them that they can expect poverty. He also tells about the people who just want to be rich. Some people do too much hard work having wealth goals in mind and ignoring that if God wants he will take everything away. It is crucial to do the rest as well as it is the gift of god which should be used properly. Here, Solomon is trying to give the message that the work is important but rest is also crucial with it.

Do not Toil to Acquire Wealth; Be Discerning Enough to Desist

The Pharisees, Who Were Lovers of Money, Heard all These Things, and They Ridiculed Him

The Pharisees, Who Were Lovers of Money, Heard all These Things, and They Ridiculed him

In this proverb, Jesus told his disciples to manage their finances and resources wisely instead of prioritizing money savings, they ought to use it to help others. They can be sure they don’t love God if they adore money. This is not what the Pharisees want to hear as they love money and also love God.

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