7+ Antonyms of Economical, Meaning and Examples

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In general, being economical is about making efficient and prudent choices to manage resources wisely. Some common antonyms of economical are wasteful, indulgent, generous, excessive etc. Continue reading to uncover more about the word economical, with its antonyms and usage with examples.

Meaning of Economical

“Economical” is an adjective that describes the quality of being efficient and frugal in the use of resources, especially money. When something is described as economical, it means that it is cost-effective and does not involve unnecessary waste or excessive spending. Being economical involves making wise and efficient choices to save money and resources.

Antonyms of Economical

The antonyms of “economical,” which means showing prudence or efficiency in managing resources, can include words that represent the opposite characteristics. Here are some antonyms of economical:

  1. Extravagant
  2. Wasteful
  3. Profligate
  4. Lavish
  5. Spendthrift
  6. Imprudent
  7. Excessive
  8. Squandering
  9. Generous
  10. Indulgent

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Usage with Examples

Check the examples given below of antonyms of economical for your reference:

  • The extravagant wedding reception included a luxurious feast and elaborate decorations.
  • The company’s wasteful practices led to significant losses in profits.
  • The CEO’s office was known for its lavish furnishings and artwork.
  • His spendthrift tendencies left him with little savings for emergencies.
  • It was imprudent to take out a large loan without a clear repayment plan.

Antonyms of Economical Quiz

Pick the correct antonym of economical from the options given below:

  • Revenue
  • Lavish
  • Imprudent

Answer: Lavish & Imprudent

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