9+ Antonyms of Preserve, with Meanings & Example

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Antonyms of Preserve

The antonyms of the word “preserve” are damage, neglect, use and the list continues. The antonyms of this word refer to something that could be damaged and is of no use. While the word ‘preserve’ means to maintain something in its existing or original state. To know more about the antonyms of preserve and meaning, continue reading the blog article below.

Meaning of Preserve

The word ‘preserve’ is a verb which means to keep something in safety or protection which could either be from harm, decay, loss or destruction. It can also mean to keep something alive or in existence.

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Antonyms of Preserve

Here are some antonyms of ‘preserve’ which will be useful:

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Usage with Examples

Here are some sentences that can be made out of these antonyms:

  • I’ll see you at the break.
  • It caused a lot of damage to the buildings.
  • She sings and sways with total abandon.
  • Drivers who disregard the law must be fined.

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Antonyms of Preserve Quiz 

Here is a small quiz on antonyms of ‘preserve’ which will help you.

Choose the correct antonyms of the highlighted words.

Question 1: Which word means the opposite of “to save from danger or harm”?

a) Endanger 

b) Ignore 

c) Neglect 

d) Release

Question 2: Which word means the opposite of “to keep something for future use”?

a) Consume 

b) Discard 

c) Distribute 

d) Waste


  1. Endanger
  2. Consume

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This was all about the “antonyms of preserve” with meaning and examples. Hopefully, you understood the usage of the word. To read more antonym blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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