11+ Synonyms of Enthusiasm, Meaning, Examples, Quizzes

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Some common antonyms of enthusiasm are zeal, passion, keenness, vigor, zest, ardor, fervency, gusto, fire, etc. The other synonyms of enthusiasm, its meaning, antonyms, and examples are given in the blog article. Let’s uncover!

Synonyms of Enthusiasm

Here are synonyms for the word “enthusiasm,” each conveying a sense of excitement, passion, or eagerness:

  1. Zeal
  2. Passion
  3. Keenness
  4. Excitement
  5. Eagerness
  6. Fervor
  7. Vigor
  8. Zest
  9. Ardor
  10. Fervency
  11. Dedication
  12. Fervidness
  13. Ebullience
  14. Vivacity
  15. Gusto
  16. Fire
  17. Spirit
  18. Liveliness
  19. Intensity
  20. Elation

Meaning of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a noun that describes a strong and intense feeling of excitement, passion, or eagerness for something. It is characterized by a high level of interest, motivation, and energy directed toward a particular activity, goal, cause, or subject. Enthusiasm is often accompanied by a positive and optimistic attitude, as well as a willingness to put in extra effort and dedication.

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Synonyms of Enthusiasm Usage With Examples

Here are synonyms of enthusiasm with usage and examples for your reference below:

  • Her zeal for the project inspired the entire team.
  • His passion for music was evident in every note he played.
  • Their keenness to learn about different cultures was remarkable.
  • The excitement in the room was palpable as the event began.
  • Her eagerness to start the new job was infectious.
  • His fervor for environmental conservation led to positive changes in the community.
  • The team worked with vigor to meet their project deadlines.

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Antonyms and Opposite Words of Enthusiasm

Here is a list of antonyms or opposite words of “enthusiasm,” representing a lack of excitement, passion, or eagerness:

  1. Apathy
  2. Indifference
  3. Boredom
  4. Aversion
  5. Disinterest
  6. Lethargy
  7. Aloofness
  8. Skepticism
  9. Unconcern
  10. Aversion
  11. Coolness
  12. Detachment
  13. Inertia
  14. Stoicism
  15. Passivity

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Synonyms of Enthusiasm Quiz

Pick the correct synonyms for enthusiasm for your reference below:

  • Incest
  • Longing
  • Zeal
  • Gripping

Answer: Zeal

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