9+ Antonyms of Proud, with Meaning & Examples

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The feeling of proud can stem from personal achievements, the achievements of loved ones, or a sense of self-identity and self-respect. The antonyms describe individuals who are not overly confident or boastful and may exhibit qualities such as humility, modesty, and a lack of arrogance such as timid, modest, unpretentious, self effacing etc.

Meaning of Proud

“Proud” is an adjective that describes a feeling of deep satisfaction or contentment in one’s achievements, qualities, or possessions. When someone is proud, they have a positive and confident sense of self-worth or accomplishment.

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Antonyms of Proud

Antonyms of “proud” describe feelings or attitudes that are the opposite of pride. Here are some antonyms for “proud”:

  1. Modest
  2. Meek
  3. Humble
  4. Timid
  5. Unpretentious
  6. Ignorant
  7. Lowly
  8. Undignified
  9. Unimportant
  10. Infamous

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Usage with Examples

Here are some antonyms of “proud” along with sentence examples:

  • Despite his great success, he remained humble and approachable.
  • His meek demeanor made it difficult for him to assert himself in social situations.
  • The timid student was reluctant to speak up in class discussions.
  • Sarah is an unassuming artist who lets her work speak for itself.
  • The restaurant was unpretentious but served delicious food.

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Antonyms of Proud Quiz

Pick the correct antonym of proud from the options given below;

  • Modest
  • Pretentious
  • Reluctant

Answer: Modest

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