11+ Antonyms of Bold, Meaning and Examples

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Some common antonyms of bold are timid, cowardly, nervous, subtle, dull, pale etc. The word bold has several meanings such as being bright and vivid, someone being courageous and daring. The word bold can also be understood as someone who is not hesitant or fearful in the face of actual or any possible danger or rebuff.

Meaning of Bold

Bold can be defined as showing a willingness to take risks or face challenges, often with confidence and without fear. It can also refer to something that is visually striking or prominent, clear and easy to read (in typography), or daring and unconventional in terms of ideas or actions. Boldness typically involves a sense of courage, confidence, and a readiness to stand out or go beyond the norm.

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Antonyms of Bold

Here are some antonyms for bold:

  1. Timid
  2. Cowardly
  3. Fearful
  4. Nervous
  5. Apprehensive
  6. Dull
  7. Pale
  8. Subtle
  9. Vague
  10. Gentle
  11. Gradual
  12. Hesitant
  13. Doubtful
  14. Uncertain

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Usage with Examples

Here are some antonyms for bold, along with their usage and examples:

  1. The timid deer froze in the headlights of the car.
  2. The pale patient looked weak and ill.
  3. The cowardly act of bullying left the victim feeling humiliated and scared.
  4. The subtle irony in the author’s words was lost on the casual reader.
  5. The apprehensive hikers were cautious as they made their way through the treacherous mountain pass.

Antonyms of Bold Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of bold from the options listed below:

  1. Tough
  2. Uncertain
  3. Attractive

Answer: Uncertain

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