Phrases for Formal Letter: Types, Example & Practise Exercise

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Phrases for Formal Letter
Phrases for Formal Letter

Phrases for Formal Letter: A phrase is a collection of words that make up a grammatical unit capable of conveying a message. It cannot be used alone because it is typically a component of an entire sentence. However, in formal letters the usage of phrases changes. While writing phrases for a formal letter these can be used Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name, I am writing to confirm that… and so on. As you continue reading this blog you will pass by many such phrases that will be helpful in your writing and speaking.

Types of Phrases for Formal Letter

Writing a formal letter requires a particular tone and formality. We have categories and explained phrases that are used in formal letters as well as informal letters: 


A salutation phrase indicates saying ‘greeting’ in a fancy manner. These phrases are implemented at the start of the communication, like a part of speech, or even an email. Here are some phrases:

  • Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name (if you know the recipient’s name)
  • Dear Sir or Madam (if you don’t know the recipient’s Name)
  • Dear (Title) (e.g Dear Director, Dear Hiring Manager)

Opening Phrase:

An opening phrase begins with a sentence of a group of words that begins with a communication. Below are some of the phrases that students can refer to:

  • I am contacting you for the following reason….
  • I am writing in response to your recent….
  • With reference to your….

Making Request:

Communication is used while making a request, being polite, or asking someone to do something. It is important to:

  • I would be grateful if you….
  • I would appreciate it if you…
  • I would be happy to provide further information…..

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Stating Facts:

The act of providing verifiable information in a clear, unbiased, and objective manner is known as “stating facts” in formal writing. The definition of ‘stating facts’ is listed as follows: 

  • I am writing to confirm that…
  • Please be aware that….
  • It has to come to our attention that…

Expressing Doubt or Uncertainty:

Conveying that you are not quite certain or certain about something is what it means to express doubt or uncertainty. It’s a means of admitting that there might be gaps in knowledge, different viewpoints, or missing facts. Here are some examples:

  • I wonder if it would be possible….
  • I am not sure if you are aware of…
  • It would be helpful if you…

Closing Phrases:

These phrases generally are used to say goodbye to wrap up the formal letter. Below are some phrases that can be used in formal writing:

  • Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • Yours truly
  • We look forward to your prompt reply.

Additional Phrases:

These are some add-up phrases that can be used in formal or informal writing. Here are some examples of that:

  • We are confident that…
  • We regret to inform you….
  • It is our understanding that….

Phrases for Formal Letter Practise Exercise

Question: Rewrite the following sentences into a formal one:

  1. “Hey there! We hope this letter finds you.”
  2. I’m sorry to delay the trip.
  3. We hope you’re doing well.
  4. I’m writing to ask if they could provide more details about the meeting.
  5. “Thanks a bunch for your help.”


  1. “Dear Avika, Could you please send me the letter by tomorrow?”
  2. Please accept my apologies for the delay in my trip.
  3. We trust this letter finds you in good health.
  4. I’m writing to request further details regarding the meeting.
  5. Thank you very much for your assistance.


What is the structure to start a formal letter?

If you are writing from a business perspective, then there will be (Dear Sir/ma’am).

What will be the starting phrase for a letter?

The ordinary opening phrase of the letter would be “Dear”.

What are the words that can be used in formal writing?

Some words can be used such as: Dear Mr. Brown, Dear Sir or ma’am, Dear Sir, Respected ma’am, I am writing this to inform you that.

How should you end the letter?

The letter should end with phrases like Best Regards, Yours sincerely, Yours truly, Take care, Take care, Speak to you soon.

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This was all about the Phrases for Formal Letters in English grammar. I hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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