7+ Antonyms of Arrogant With Meanings and Examples 

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Some common examples of the word arrogant are humble, polite, gentle, and meek. The word arrogant is an adjective to describe people who are very proud of themselves and usually look down on others. Let us know more about the word arrogant, its meaning, origin, antonyms, and its usage with examples in the article blog below.

Origin and Meaning of Arrogant 

The word arrogant is derived in the late 14th century, from Old French arrogante, from the Latin arrogens (nominative arrogens), meaning “arrogant, overbearing, courageous. It also means giving undue importance to oneself. The standard definition of the word arrogant is defined as unreasonable pride and acting as if you are more important than others.

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7+ Opposites of Arrogant

Let’s take a look at the following opposites of arrogant to expand your understanding :

Antonyms of Arrogant Examples With Usage 

The term arrogant is often objective and can vary depending on the context and perspective of the speaker.

Let us understand the following examples of using the antonyms of arrogant in a sentence:

  • Humble: Rahul performed brilliantly but he was too humble.
  • Modest: Shreya is an excellent athlete, but she is too modest to admit it.
  • Meek: Rishab is a meek and humble person.
  • Gentle: Bishan Singh Bedi was a gentle soul.
  • Timid: Mr. Ajay’s son is as timid as a mouse.
  • Polite: My boss is always polite to everyone.
  • Overmodest: Sunita was too overmodest to ask for a raise at work.

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Antonyms of Arrogant Quiz 

1. Select the most appropriate antonym for the word arrogant.

A Rough

B Uncoth

C Humble

D Bold 

Answer: Humble

2. Which word is not the opposite of the word arrogant?

A Meek 

B Polite

C Humble

D Supercilious

Answer: Supercilious

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