Sanctity Meaning in English: Definition, Synonyms, Antonyms

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Sanctity Meaning in English

The word ‘sanctity’ means something holy, such as that of religious objects to believers. This word goes back to the Latin root sanctus, meaning “holy” or “sacred.” One common synonym of this word is godliness where several people describe God as completely holy. Other than this, the word also has another meaning which refers to sacred obligation — such as the sanctity of marriage, which refers to the value and respect society shows to married people. Continue reading this blog to know more about sanctity meaning in English.

Sanctity Meaning in English- Definition and Examples

Sanctity refers to the ‘quality or state of being sacred, holy, or morally pure.’ It is the idea of being deserving of reverence, respect, and protection due to its religious, moral, or spiritual significance. When something possesses sanctity, it is considered inviolable or untouchable, often associated with divine or moral authority.


  • The lawyer argued for the sanctity of the Constitution, asserting that it was the foundation of the nation’s laws.
  • In times of crisis, people often turn to religion to find solace in the sanctity of their faith.

Synonyms of Sanctity

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Antonyms of Sanctity

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Q1. What does sanctity mean?

The word ‘sanctity’ has two meanings: the quality of being important enough to make it worth protecting and preserving and the other one being the state of being holy.

Q2. What are the synonym of sanctity?

Synonyms of sanctity are virtue, piety, devotion, sacredness, blessedness etc.

Q3. What are the antonyms of sanctity?

Antonyms of sanctity are unholiness, vileness, sinfulness, hypocrisy etc. 

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