+7 “Affluent” Antonyms with Meaning and Examples

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Antonyms of Affluent

The antonyms of “affluent,” which means having an abundance of wealth or resources, include poor, needy, deprived, penniless etc. These words all describe a lack of financial resources or prosperity, which is the opposite of being affluent.

Meaning of Affluent

The term “affluent” is an adjective that describes someone or something as having an abundance of wealth, resources, or prosperity. When applied to individuals or households, it suggests that they have a high income, substantial financial assets, and enjoy a comfortable or luxurious lifestyle.

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7+ Affluent Antonyms

Here are some antonyms of “affluent” listed below:

  1. Impoverished
  2. Poor
  3. Needy
  4. Deprived
  5. Penniless
  6. Indigent
  7. Destitute
  8. Impecunious
  9. Insolvent
  10. Underprivileged

Usage with Examples

Here are a few examples of antonyms of affluent are listed below for your convenience: 

  • The impoverished family struggled to make ends meet, often relying on food assistance programs.
  • The charity organization focused on helping the needy children in the community by providing food and clothing.
  • The indigent elderly couple lived in a small, rundown apartment and struggled to pay for basic necessities.
  • Children growing up in deprived areas often face limited educational opportunities and poor living conditions.
  • After losing his job, he found himself penniless and had to rely on friends for help. 

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Affluent Antonyms Quiz 

Choose the correct antonym for “Affluent”:

  • Prosperous
  • Rich
  • Loosing
  • Deprived

Answer: Deprived

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This was all about the antonym of “affluent” with meaning and examples. Hopefully, you understood the usage of the word. To read more antonym blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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