7+ Beyond Preposition Examples, Meaning & Usage

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Beyond Preposition Examples: Prepositions are commonly used in almost every sentence that we create. Various types of prepositions can be used in sentences. The preposition” beyond” stands for something that is far away and cannot be reached easily. If you are a grammar nazi, then you must know about how beyond prepositions can be used in sentences. Continue reading this blog to know more about Beyond Preposition examples and their meaning, their types and how they can be used in sentences.

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Meaning of Beyond

Beyond can be counted as a preposition or an adverb. As a preposition, it means  ‘further away in the distance (than something).’ It refers to something that could be out of limits. 


  • The children played in the field beyond the schoolyard.
  • She possesses a wisdom that is beyond her years.

What Type of Preposition is Beyond?

The preposition “beyond” can be classified into the category of Preposition of Place. It indicates a position that is further away or on the other side of a specified point. However, it can also function as a preposition of degree, indicating something that surpasses or exceeds a certain extent or limit. 

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How to Use ‘Beyond’ Preposition and Examples?

The preposition “beyond” is used to indicate something that is further than a specified point, limit, or extent. Here are some examples of how “beyond” can be used:

Physical Distance or Location

  1. The mountains lie beyond the horizon.
  2. The city extends beyond the river.
  3. His house is just beyond the forest.

Exceeding or Surpassing Limits

  1. Her kindness goes beyond words.
  2. The beauty of the painting is beyond description.
  3. His generosity is beyond compare.


  1. Their friendship lasted beyond high school.
  2. The effects of the pandemic are felt beyond this year.
  3. His influence extends beyond his lifetime.

In Addition to

  1. Beyond his academic achievements, he is also a talented musician.
  2. Beyond her job as a teacher, she is also an accomplished writer.
  3. There is something beyond what meets the eye.

Abstract or Conceptual

  1. The meaning of life lies beyond mere existence.
  2. His vision for the company goes beyond profits.
  3. Their relationship goes beyond mere friendship.

Impossibility or Unlikelihood

  1. It’s beyond belief!
  2. Winning the lottery seems beyond reach.
  3. The idea of travelling to space was once beyond imagination.

What Part of Speech is Beyond?

The preposition “beyond” can be counted under various parts of speech. As a preposition, it indicates spatial, temporal, or other qualitative relationships. As an adverb, it modifies verbs and adjectives.

Beyond Prepositon Examples

Here is a list of examples of “beyond” prepositions that can be used in sentences easily:

Beyond Prepositon Examples
  1. The view from the top of the mountain was beyond breathtaking.
  2. The deadline for the project is tomorrow, but I fear we’re already beyond saving it.
  3. The company’s profits soared beyond expectations this quarter.
  4. We wandered beyond the city limits and found ourselves in a picturesque countryside.
  5. The old ruins lay hidden deep within the forest, far beyond the beaten path.
  6. Her kindness goes beyond words; she’s always there to lend a helping hand.
  7. The implications of the new law extend beyond our immediate concerns; they could reshape the entire industry.
  8. His ambitions extend beyond mere success; he seeks to make a lasting impact on society.

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What is an example of beyond in a sentence?

The implications of the decision go beyond the immediate consequences.

What type of preposition is beyond?

Beyond preposition comes under prepositions of place.

What are the types of prepositions?

There are 8 types of prepositions, these include prepositions of place, prepositions of time, prepositions of movement, prepositions of measure, prepositions of source, prepositions of possession, prepositions of manner and prepositions of agent of instrument. 

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