Typical Indian Aunty Meets a Student Studying Abroad 

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Typical Indian Aunty Meets a Student Studying Abroad

If you are an Indian I am sure you will be well aware and comfortable with a typical Indian aunty’s behaviour. Even if you are not then take a look into a couple of daily soaps and it will give an exact idea of what you can expect from your neighbour aunties. If you are a study-abroad student who is returning back to home or coming for a break to India then you need to be well aware and prepared in advance to absorb the shock. Just kidding! They are not that shocked too, but the preparation is however just to get comfortable with their behaviour. 

In this blog, you will come across some of the characteristics of the typical Indian Aunties, remember then and stay prepared for the same once you are back!

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Here is what you can expect

All time nosiness 

Typical Indian Auntry Meets a Student Studying Abroad
Credit: IMBd

Have you seen Pinocchio? Do you remember the size of the nose of Pinocchio? Do you find it too long? If yes, then you are wrong! That is not the longest nose. Trust me some of the Indian aunties have noses longer than him! 

The aunties in India are so much interested in you that they really consider you much more important than them and their family. They may not know about what is happening with their son, bit will definitely know what is the neighbour’s son doing, where is he roaming, with whom and why!

You won’t believe me, but if an investigation takes place, the Indian aunties have much better knowledge and information of everything than a police investigation can collect.

So if you are returning to India, be prepared to face the nosiness of the aunties and what will help you is to stay calm and let them know what they ask to avoid non-required extra questioning.

Over questioning 

Typical Indian Auntry Meets a Student Studying Abroad
Credit: Istock

For once a lawyer can stop asking you questions, but there is no saving from the interrogation of a aunty! Be extra ready to face several questions, one question leading to several questions, a web of questions or a universe full of questions. If you need some examples for your preparations, here they are, “what do you eat?” “how do you clean?” “When do you study?” “Who are your friends?” “ what do you study?” “When do you sleep?” “how much do you spend?” and the list can never end! You might have never answered these many questions in your exam the much you will be answering meeting an Indian aunty!

Baseless Comparing 

Typical Indian Auntry Meets a Student Studying Abroad
Credit: Jenny bhatt

Would it be any different if you had taken the same course from here? Does all the money you are spending is even going to be worth it? “Sharma ji ka ladka got 20LPA salary package” will you be getting better than him? “My daughter staying here studies much harder than you” Again the list is long of the comparisons that can be made to you once you are struck in the conversation web of an aunty. Our suggestion is to not take all these baseless comparisons seriously, most of the time they come just from the habit and with no intention of actually comparison you.

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Exaggerated storytelling

Typical Indian Auntry Meets a Student Studying Abroad
Credit: CLC- CEC.edu

“We used to study under the light of the candle, go to school crossing the rivers on foot, crossing mountains, struggle through the storms, study despite handling the household, and here you are living the most comfortable life Abroad because your parents struggled like this” or the stories can go like “remember that Sharma ji ka ladka went abroad to study and fell into the addiction of drugs, ended up in the rehab and lost all his motivation to study, we are worried about you”

There are going to be “n” number of stories that are going to find their way to you through these aunties, half of the stories are not even going to be true yet listening to them is your only option. 

Creating and highlighting non-existing faults

Typical Indian Auntry Meets a Student Studying Abroad
Credit: SVET

See one of the worst parts of the aunty and your interaction according to us is going to be a thousand faults in you that are not even real. Example ‘“ Oh you have become so fat, are you eating a lot of junk?” “ you are getting too dark” “You are getting too thin” “You are looking dull” “You are getting dark circles” You will find out many many faults in you that you did not even know about and then you will end up getting conscious about them! 

 Getting you to advise their kids 

Typical Indian Auntry Meets a Student Studying Abroad

Despite the fact that there are a thousand faults they have found in you, despite how according to them you can be in a possible drug dealing mafia group, despite you having the worst possible lifestyle and despite everything we read about the Indian aunties, at the end of the day, they are going to get you to give advice to theory own kids. Advice like if they want to study abroad too, clarify to them what are the right and wrongs in the journey, or course selection, or something about the living and studying etc. now you will be the Sharma ji ka ladka!

Whatever they say or behave like, it is just the habits that we see in the Indian aunties. Personally, they mean no harm to you and don’t even feel bad for you. They are just habitual to behave in a way. So being prepared for their behaviour and ignoring if you don’t like it is the only option you have. But do remember to never forget to be respectful toward your adults, how much ever you are poked, because that is what is our culture and upbringing right? 

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