3 Hilariously Effective (Not Really, But Fun!) Activities to Improve Your English for Study Abroad (Without Tears!)

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improve your english

So, you’ve set your sights on studying abroad, the land of opportunity, questionable accents, and endless cups of tea (or whatever their local brew is). But there’s one tiny hurdle: your English isn’t quite a Shakespearean sonnet level. Fear not, intrepid scholar! Forget the dusty textbooks and mind-numbing grammar drills. We’re here to inject some laughter (and hopefully some language skills) into your journey with 3 ridiculously fun activities to improve your english.

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Activity 1: Become a Shower Singer (But in English, Obviously)

Picture this: steamy bathroom, belting out your heart to… Celine Dion in perfect English? Okay, maybe not Celine Dion, but the point is, that the shower is your judgement-free zone. Blast English music (bonus points for embarrassing 90s pop!), sing along at the top of your lungs and butcher the lyrics with gusto. Who cares if you sound like a chipmunk doing karaoke? You’re training your pronunciation muscles, building confidence, and (hopefully) not waking up the neighbours while practising to improve your english.

improve your english

Bonus: Elevate your performance by mimicking the singer’s accent (think Irish jig for U2 or full-blown Southern drawl for Dolly Parton). Remember, this is about fun, not vocal perfection!

Activity 2: Master the Art of Dubbing (Your Cat)

Let’s face it, cats are hilarious. Now, imagine them narrating their daily lives in perfect English. Hilarious, right? That’s where you come in! Observe your feline overlord’s antics and provide a running commentary. Is she judging you from the top of the bookshelf? Dub her voice with, “Look at this peasant, working while I nap in the sun.” Is she batting at a feathered toy? Announce, “Behold! My fearsome hunt for the elusive red dot!” Not only are you practising speaking English, but you’re also creating personalized cat-tastic entertainment.

improve your english

Bonus: Film your dubbing sessions and share them online (with your cat’s permission, of course). You might just go viral as the next internet cat sensation (while also improving your English!).

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Activity 3: Become a Social Media Detective (But the Good Kind)

Remember those hilarious tweets and memes that leave you rolling on the floor (or at least snorting in amusement)? Dive into the wonderful world of English-language social media. Follow funny accounts, comedians, and meme pages. Read, analyze, and most importantly, laugh! Pay attention to how they use humour, slang, and informal language. This exposure will broaden your vocabulary, introduce you to everyday expressions, and make learning English feel less like a chore and more like a meme-fueled adventure. So start your practice to improve your english now!

improve your english


Try creating your funny content in English! Share your observations, jokes, or even relatable study abroad struggles on social media. Not only will you practice using the language, but you might also connect with other aspiring global citizens and share a laugh or two.

Remember: These activities are just the tip of the hilarious iceberg. The key is to find ways to make learning English enjoyable, engaging, and even a little bit silly. Embrace the mistakes, celebrate the progress, and most importantly, have fun! After all, laughter is the best medicine, and in this case, the best study buddy for your English-speaking adventure.

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While these activities are highly recommended for entertainment purposes, we cannot guarantee they will turn you into a fluent English speaker overnight. However, they will make the journey more enjoyable and might even surprise you with how much you learn along the way. Now go forth, conquer your English goals, and remember, laughter is always the best accent! Drop by our Infotainment page if you want more interesting blogs like this one that will improve your english.

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