Happy Mother’s Day from Iconic Bollywood Moms 

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Happy Mother’s Day From Iconic Bollywood Moms

“Mere pass Maa hai”. Bollywood’s obsession with mothers is never-ending and rightly so. As a society itself, we place a great deal of importance and emphasis on mothers and the amount of love, care and affection they give to their children as they grow up. 

So on the occasion of Mother’s Day, we bring you the list of iconic Bollywood mothers who lit up our big screens. This list may prompt you to go give a tight hug to your mother or buy her a thoughtful gift. Or for some of you who are far away from your mothers, just a call saying I love you may be enough.

Dolly Aunty – Vicky Donor

There is a reason why Dolly Ahluwalia ranks so high on this list. This movie changed the concept of how a mother had to be presented in movies. In most earlier movies, mothers were shown as distressed women confined to their houses who were just worried or angry at their kids all the time. However, Dolly changed this perception. She drank with her mother-in-law, ran a beauty parlour and was extremely confident. A superwoman indeed!

Kirron Kher as Mrs. Acharya – Dostana

“Nahiiiiiiiiii. Haaaye Rabba Mainnu Chakk Le”. Remember this legendary reaction from Kirron Kher in Dostana when she finds out her beloved Punjabi Munda is gay? The movie hilariously shows the equation between a son and mother while tackling this difficult situation. However, what makes this role iconic is the one-liners of Kirror Kher and the fact that she is ready to accept her son’s homosexuality for his happiness. 

Maybe this is the abroad effect but what she does is really progressive for an Indian mom. 

Sridevi as Shashi Godbole – English Vinglish

What is Mother’s Day without a little women empowerment? This movie captures the essence of a quintessential Indian mother perfectly. She has been taken for granted by her kids and husband who do not even talk to her properly. 

But then she goes on a journey to rediscover and find herself all while studying abroad. The movie beautifully captures how a simple thing such as learning English can be a huge confidence booster for a woman. This was also Sridevi’s second last outing on the big screen before her untimely demise which makes it all the more emotional.

Jaya Bachchan as Nandini Raichand – K3G

This list will be incomplete without a Dharma entry so here we go. Nandini may have come across as someone whose opinion did not matter when it came to major decisions and a wife suppressed by her husband but when she did put her foot down she ensured that even her husband could not oppose her. “Keh diya na bas keh diya”.

What makes her a worthy entry is also the love she had for both her kids even when one of them was adopted. And who can forget SRK’s entry scene where she is ready with the pooja ki thaali even before he arrives from his study abroad journey.

Shefali Shah as Shamshun – Darlings

Conniving, Mastermind, Sly as a Fox. These are just some of the words you can use to describe Shamshun’s character. But an argument could be made that Shefali Shah’s character needed to be all these things to help her daughter escape the clutches of her abusive husband. If you haven’t watched it already, do check out this powerful performance. 

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