Moments That Every Study Abroad Student Can Relate To

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Moments that every study abroad student can relate to

There are some common moments that every student shares in their educational journey. 

Similarly, there are certain moments that all the study abroad students can relate to, the moments that all of the study abroad students have come across at one or another time, or the ones that sit as one of the remarkable memories in your mind. 

Are you curious to know what are the few similar things that happen in almost all of the study abroad students’ journeys?

Through this blog let’s take an insight into the life of study abroad students and find the common moments for you to feel comfortable in those moments.

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Moments that every study abroad student can relate to
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How much ever may be your excitement about studying abroad, the yearning for family and home will come now or then. Once abroad, all the students have definitely had the urge to come back home at least once. The feeling of comfort that the home gives will be craved once it is away from you. The home-cooked food, the fights with the siblings, the fun you had at home, all of it will be missed. Some might just land and start feeling homesick and others may take their time to enjoy the phase of honeymoon and then feel this, but be it whatever or whoever, the homesickness will sweep in once at least once or other times for all.

Nervous landing 

Moments that every study abroad student can relate to
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If you are travelling abroad, that too for the first time then keeping your feet in the other land may feel very unsettling. Even though you have waited for this day for a very long time now and it is a dream come true for you the most exciting thing is also the one that makes you most nervous thinking that anything must not go wrong. Again you are not the first person feeling this. Almost all or most of the study abroad students feel the same way when they land in a foreign nation for the first time. Almost everything must feel blurry. You will get confused about what to do next. Even if you have planned everything in advance and have the itinerary ready with you, you will stumble upon several tiny obstacles that will come due to the anxiety that you are feeling.

Cultural mismatching 

Moments that every study abroad student can relate to

The culture that you have in your parent country and the culture that you are going to see in the foreign country will be very different. But, you have to get used to that culture to be able to fit in. In the initial days, there will be several discomforts, several clashes, and unacceptance. But once you get used to it, you will automatically start fitting into the culture there, and eventually it will start looking normal to you. Just let the initial phase pass by, those clashes will also seem like a fun memory to you.

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Language issues

Moments that every study abroad student can relate to

The trembling tongue and the wobbly words that no study abroad student can forget. There will always be a phase or moments when you will not know how to communicate with somebody in a foreign land who does not understand your language or English. This might happen to you if you are in some local market of the country and the locals are not very fluent in English and you are not fluent in the native language of that country. There can also be moments where these language interactions may turn into a funny conversation with broken or sign language you guys use to convey. Eventually, the language problem will be sorted as you get used to the place and start learning the language and culture.

Newfound interests 

Moments that every study abroad student can relate to

As you move abroad there will be a lot of new habits and interests you will develop, especially due to the new independence that you have recently gained. You will have no or minimal restrictions as you now like alone. Most of the students develop an interest in travelling and exploring. First, you will find yourself exploring the city you have moved in, then it will be the neighbouring cities and it will eventually turn into international trips with friends or alone. These hobbies of yours will sometimes demand you to have more money to spend for which many students take up part-time jobs post their educational hours of the day.

Fear of losing friends

Moments that every study abroad student can relate to
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With the making of friends, there comes a fear of losing them. With the abroad study you know that you are not going to stay there for your whole life. You know once your program is over you will move back and so will your friends. You don’t know if you will be able to retain the friendship that you are creating. So the day when you start bonding with someone there, there is constant fear of losing them, the feeling that one day you all will go your separate ways bothers you and makes you sad. That sadness lingers at the back of your head for all the while almost. Try cherishing the moments that you have with them, because the future is uncertain and there is no reason to spoil the moments that you have in hand. 

Academic fears

Moments that every study abroad student can relate to
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We know you have gone to study abroad, you know you have gone to study abroad and yet there are phases when you will lag in studies. This phase is there in all students’ life, be it an international or national student. There will always come a plateau when you feel exhausted, tired, and distracted. Then there is the development of the fear of failing in the goal or scoring low and disappointing. Remember to fight this phase, all you need is a break, some time and a refreshed mind to start again and you will land on track. Know that you are not alone in this and you will be back to the excellence and lose the fear if you have the courage and will to.

We are sure you could relate to all the moments mentioned above. These small obstacles will pass as you get comfortable in the country, culture and language. In the end, all these moments will become the memories you will cherish later and discuss with your family and friends while laughing at the silliness of the moment. Enjoy every part of your study abroad journey to have good memories for life.

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I hope the above-written blog on Moments that every study abroad student can relate to helped you feel relaxed knowing you are not alone in it. To read more such interesting blogs, kindly follow Infotainment and to read about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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