5+ Motivational Songs for Students – Wrap Your Study Abroad Journey 

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motivational songs for students in english

Did you go through your Spotify Wrapped? If you are an international student we bet that Spotify wouldn’t have made a better wrap for you than us. Like every other phase in your life, studying abroad is also a journey and mostly a life-changing experience. Therefore, we cannot let Spotify be better at mapping your study abroad journey with songs than us. Here is a list of songs for the different phases of your journey while preparing to study abroad. If you are still planning to, you can make a playlist before starting your journey to stay motivated. 

motivational songs for students in english
Source: Stealth Optional

Into the Unknown


‘I’ve had my adventure, I don’t need something new

I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you’

motivational songs for students in english
Source: Spotify

When you were still contemplating if you should go study abroad or just get admission at a good university here in India. Remember when you were tempted by the international experience but hesitated as you thought there were potential risks? But what then?

How Far I Will Go

Auli’i Cravalho 

‘If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me

One day I’ll know

If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go’

motivational songs for students in english
Source: Spotify

Then you took that step and decided your fate. You started researching the best countries and universities that could make your study abroad dream come true. Remember how your heart was filled with adventure and dedication? You knew then, that when you’ll start you will win over the world!

Dance the Night 

Dua Lipa

‘I can take the heat, baby, best believe

That’s the moment I shine’

motivational songs for students in english
Source: Spotify

But was that just the beginner’s luck? Is it really that doable as they say or you are just gonna get stuck? There are so many exams to write, interviews to crack and preparations to be made. That was the moment when your confidence and your belief in yourself pulled you through the dark waters. And it is for the courage in that moment that you never gave up. If there is a friend who helped you in that phase, drop them a note of thanks again. 

Fight Song

Rachel Platten

‘I might only have one match

But I can make an explosion’

motivational songs for students in english
Source: Spotify

Time slipped away and now you had to sit for SATs and IELTS. You prepared the best, you knew you had to make it through, and that slight shiver in your heart made the experience even more ethereal. The bravest thing to do was to ace that last match that meant the most. Even if it had to be with various attempts, at last, it is all about not giving up. And you made it. 

Choose Your Fighter

Ava Max

‘Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t

‘Cause you can’

motivational songs for students in english
Source: Spotify

Is it over yet? No, the exams were perfect but now how to make a unique college application? If the exams didn’t go as planned then what options do you have now? Looking for the right universities in that phase, the right course curriculums and then making the right decision was your most heroic act. No road is a dead end, and yeah, no one can tell you that you can’t, it is only if you tell yourself that you can’t is when you give up. Nevertheless, we are glad that you did not.  



‘I’m unstoppable

I’m a Porsche with no brakes

I’m invincible

Yeah, I win every single game’

motivational songs for students in english
Source: Spotify

Got your visa and accommodation sorted, loan financing and forex in place and the acceptance letter has also arrived. You are all packed now, ready to leave and you look back at how you hustled through the whole procedure and see that you truly are invincible. Or should we say… Unstoppable?

Like you hustled for your journey, or are still going through it, we at Leverage Edu hustle for each and every study abroad dream. Therefore, if anyone comes and tells you that you can’t remember that you are Unstoppable and we are there for you. 

Also, we know that there is a lot to understand about studying abroad and there might be hurdles that seem bigger than your dreams. In that case, you can always reach out to us at Leverage Edu as we have ‘A plan for every dream’. 

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