5 Lessons From The Movie Dunki For International Students

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lessons from the movie dunki for students

A lot of Indians dream of going abroad for several reasons. A good number of people want to study abroad and a similar population dreams of working abroad too. The movie Dunki shows a very dark side of the story of the people from earlier times who dreamt of working abroad to earn a good income and satisfy their families. However, due to very low education and unawareness, the people were getting scammed and defrauded leaving them with no other options but to seek illegal ways to move in the country. 

The story was from the year 1995. Currently, a lot of things have changed. The rate of education has improved drastically, knowledge is prevailing, and the country has developed in all senses. Now students from India, go abroad to study as the financial condition of the country has also improved and the ease of abroad studies has increased.

Several consultancies have come into play to guide the students, help them and have a comfortable study experience outside of the country. Not just in India but the exchange of students from all the countries for the purpose of studies these days is taking place. Studying abroad has become a trend. Even though there is a lot of knowledge around but the movie still had a lot of lessons for the students going to study abroad. Learning from them will surely help you along your journey towards abroad and your dream.

lessons from the movie dunki for students
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Here are five lessons the international students travelling abroad can take and make their journey even better from the movie: 

Be alert of the scams

lessons from the movie dunki for students

Despite a good level of knowledge to all the people about this, there are still a lot of scams taking place in the country. In recent times it has been seen a lot of fake agencies have come into play that are scamming innocent individuals. It is therefore very important to be aware and get your proceedings done from the verified places. You should always refer to the embassy of the country where you are going to study or reach out to a consulate or a visa agency that is verified and established.

A lot of companies claim to take you to countries without exams, with the lowest fee amounts, with many benefits unlike the rest companies and end up getting you into fraud. So it is better to check the background of the company, see the records, and ask several people before paying them any amount to be safe and not get scammed like the movie actors who invested all their money and were left with nothing.

Be aware of the tempting offers

lessons from the movie dunki for students

Some agencies for study abroad lure students with the help of offers. As we saw in the movie the agency showing 50% off and walking the people into the trap. Despite several rules, regulations and laws, you will still find some of these types of fraud taking place here and there. 

You must know that there is nothing offered in the matter of visa payments, ticketing or expenses. You can definitely be charged less in the matter of consultation charges but no compensation is given in the fixed and legal expenses. The visa cost will remain the same as decided by the country, the education fee will remain the same until you receive a scholarship, and the exam fee will remain the same as declared by the board, no agent or consultant can help you in reducing such expenses. Therefore if you come across any such tempting offers, know that it is a trap. 

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There are no shortcuts

lessons from the movie dunki for students

There are no shortcuts like Dunki now. There is one and only right way to path towards your destinations that is enrolment, acceptance, visa application, visa acceptance, and departure. No other way to go abroad. There are many other things in this process that make it complete like, university selection, clearing exams, interviews, getting accommodation, getting insurance, and the list goes on. All the necessities need to be fulfilled, there is no way out if a thing is required part of your process so if someone promises you to have a shortcut, get your guards high, you were about to get scammed! 

Have a clear purpose

lessons from the movie dunki for students

As the movie depicts, none of the people going to other countries know what they want to do, except for earning money. They had no idea of the path they would take, no idea of where and how they would work, no idea of language or any other things. But now things have changed and the rules have become stricter, only people with a purpose are allowed to move to countries. 

So you should be cleared of the purpose of your travel way in advance from the application.

You should have a complete itinerary, a plan of what you will study, how, which college, how long, everything. All your details need to be well researched and decided before the applications are put in. You need to have a proper reason for your choice of studying in the chosen country. You should be aware of the languages that you might need in the country. You should be basically be clear with your goal and the steps to it.

Focus on the actual requirements

lessons from the movie dunki for students

You need to prepare yourself with the requirements that make you eligible to go to abroad. Unlike movies, where they got stuck in the other country you need not get stuck at any step. You should be prepared in advance. Like in the movie, the actors learnt English in a very short time messing it all up, you need to know what will be required. As of now if you are researching you know a language proficiency test is required. So you should see how and when to start your preparation to be able to clear the exam. Plan your necessities well and know all requirements in advance to fulfil them on time.

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If you keep in mind the above-mentioned lessons in your mind while planning your study abroad journey I am sure you will reduce the 99% of chance of getting frauded and will have a smooth journey.

This is all about the lessons from the movie Dunki for international students, To read more such interesting and informative blogs, kindly follow Infotainment and to read about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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