Weird Food Items That You May Come Across Studying Abroad

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Weird Food Items

Different countries have different cultures and different traditions being followed. When you go abroad for any reason be it studying, tourism or working, you come across these cultures too. You may find some amusing, some attractive and some weird. Similar to the culture are the food items in different countries. Every country has its own cuisine. And each cuisine has one dish that stands out as the weird dish of that country. Even if it is not a part of the cuisine you can definitely find a dish very popular, selling on the streets as well as the restaurants and everyone from that country seems to love it. This blog is dedicated to such food items and experiences. Let’s prepare you for a change. Read the blog to the end to find out about the most interesting and weird food items that you may find studying abroad.

Hakarl (Iceland)

Weird Food Items
Credit: Fine dining lover

You must have a very strong heart if this is the dish you are planning to try. Not just a heart, but a very strong nose too because what you are going to smell is going to be way more dangerous than you can imagine. Hakarl is a very popular wierdest dish of Iceland. It is a cured, rotten shark delicacy. The carcass of the shark is placed in a pit which is covered with sand and pressed with stone and later left for months to ferment. Once prepared, it is dried and cut into strips to be served. 

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Birds nest soup (South Asia)

Weird Food Items
Credit: Travel Soup Atlas

Being insanely in love with the birds is what going to make you love this dish. Birds nest soup is a very popular dish in Southeast Asia. Can you have the wildest guess of what it would be made of? This guess could not be made even in your wildest of dreams. Let me tell you. The dish is made of bird saliva. The bird’s saliva turns hard where the bird’s nests are built. This hard saliva is harvested by the climbers and dissolved into a popular soup. The taste of the dish is similar to egg drop soup. 

Sannakji (South Korea)

Weird Food Items
Credit: Youtube

How fresh do you like your food? Would you like it living, breathing fresh? If yes, then here is a perfect surprise for you. South Korea have a dish of live, wiggling octopus tentacles served with sesame oil. The suckers are known for their special latch on the throat of the consumers. So eating can be very interesting. Hope this one does not disappoint you if you try, because if it does, then you have to try better ones.  

Sourtoe Cocktail (Canada)

Weird Food Items
Credit: Reddit

If you were not satisfied with the tentacles then here is another surprise. Imagine having a drink, your favourite kind of drink with no straw but two. Sourtoe is a drink served in Canada which is full of this choice of spirits added with a mummified human toe. The rule of the drink is that the toe should touch your lip. 

Casu Marzu (Italy)

Weird Food Items
Credit: Quora

Who does not like the Italian cheese?  Especially the students and young adults are mostly attracted to cheese and there are many types of cheese. Most of the people wish to try many different types of cheese. Casu Marzu is a very famous cheese also known as Maggot cheese which is left open for the flies to lay eggs on and when the maggot hatch they enhance the taste of the cheese. Sounds yum!

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Pineapple sandwich (South Africa)

Weird Food Items
Credit: 30seconds

Do not like insects or animals? No worries, you just need to land in South Africa. The country has a lot of good and bad dishes. Not even the sandwiches are normal. A pineapple sandwich is big, thick slices of pineapple served in between the two slices of bread. The recipe is quite simple and you can also make it at hope if you wish to cut down your budget and try something unique.

Escamoles (Mexico and America)

Weird Food Items
Credit: Mileneo

In the race for the weirdest food, the Mexico and America lanes are no behind in giving us the best of food fantasies. Escamoles are larvae of a species of ant. The larvae in the roots of agave plants are harvested and are filled in the tacos. The dish has a nutty taste, high nutrients and a taste of cottage cheese. 

Cuy (Peru)

Weird Food Items
Credit: The spruce eats

Going to Peru? You better not be a lover of Guinea pigs. Or a person who loves cute tiny animals. The country has a popular dish of roasted guinea pig, that is served whole and served amazing to the lovers of it. You may try and find out if you would like to eat it or pet it!

Kangaroo (Australia)

Weird Food Items
Credit: K-Roo

Australia tops the list when it comes to the weirdest dishes. The Australians are so high in the race that they eat their own national animal Kangaroo. There is not one, but several dishes made of kangaroo in Australia that are very popular and enjoyed around the city.

Ambrosia Salad (USA)

Weird Food Items

Australia has a weirdest dish that is not just weird but also very healthy. Ambrosia is a salad. Salad made of jelly or jello, mixed with fruits like mandarin and pineapple. The salad is garnished with whipped and marshmallows. This is how they serve the perfect salad. 

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Hope you are prepared for the world and the food that is waiting for you on your study abroad journey. And you may find your own type of weirdest food there which is not very insect but just odd and unique. 

This was all about the crazy and weird food items you will find across the world. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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