10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad

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There is no doubt that you are missing the festival celebration of India living abroad. Who will not? The festivity, fun and vibe the festivals have in India are like no other country. How can somebody not miss the festive special ‘Maa ke hath ki mithai”,  “Papa ke sathe ki shopping” or “Cousins ke sath ka celebration”?

I feel festivals are the one major thing that makes international students miss home the most. 

Don’t you think it is possible to make your study abroad destination feel more of a home on these festivals?

Let’s see below all the cool things you can do at Indian festivals to celebrate them in a way that is cool and gives you a sense of festivity and a fun vibe.

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Traditional Sweets

10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad
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We all know the Indian festivals are the best but the best thing about Indian festivals is the Indian sweets. To make your abroad stay more homely on festivals a good idea is to find the Indian sweet delicacies and savour them. 

Now is it a problem to not be able to find the sweets there? What’s better than making them yourself? Or maybe in a group along with your friends while having fun!

It is a great way to share the sweetness of India with your friends abroad.

Send Special Wishes

10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad
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It is ok if your family is not there with you at your favourite festival. The distance is not in miles but in mind. You can still choose to reduce the difference and have fun by connecting with family, relatives and friends. 

Make customised festive special gift cards and send them to your close ones. Send it through post or online and have a good session of call or Skype with them to feel closer and connected.

Cook Traditional Food

10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad
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No festival in India is complete without mouth-watering delicacies. And no better way to find these delicacies than cooking them yourself. 

Plan a cooking session on or around the festival and pick your traditional recipes. This will not only give you a chance to enjoy the food but will also tell you how good your cooking skills are. It can also be made more fun when done along with other people.

Try it, maybe you get to have some amazing kitchen moments to cherish. 

Traditional or Bollywood Music 

10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad
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Music has always been the core of festivals. Each festival has special playlists. Each state has a different way of celebrating. Each part of India has its own unique culture and cultural songs.

Make your playlist, call your friends over or be alone if you like it and let the songs take over the vibe. Just get mesmerized by them and calm your mind. Enjoy the lyrics, hum with it or better dance and enjoy yourself. You can also plan a singing session with friends.

Narrate Stories 

10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad
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Know one is unaware of the fact that no festival in India is celebrated out of nowhere. Every festival has some story, some reasoning or some logic. Remember the time when you were a kid and your grandparents used to tell you all the stories? Do you remember them?

I hope you do. If not, it’s ok! Find out the story of the festival, and if it does interest you then narrate the stories to your friends too and let them also know about the cultural and historical facts about the festival.


10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad
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You don’t need a reason to decorate, however, festivals are a great reason to do so if you haven’t decorated yet. I am sure all of you have seen your parents clean up the houses at the festival and decorate them with several items. You can also find some fairy lights and light up your room, or clean it up and maybe use some floral or decorative items to decorate. You can try making some crafts hangings and use them to brighten up your room.


10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad
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It has always been a ritual to buy new clothes at festivals. Hope you remember the time when you were a kid and your dad or mom used to take you out just before the festivals for shopping and get you a new pair which made you so happy at that time. Find that happiness again by going out shopping, buying clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes, etc and wear them on the day of the festival to glam yourself up.


10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad
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Making a plan with friends is not a bad idea for festivals for playing games. Gather a group, get a game idea and binge on it. Games like tombola, cards, UNO, and several others are fun group games that you and your friends might enjoy playing. Festivals are more fun when surrounded by several people and a plan to play is a very good idea to have such group fun.

Go To Local Events

10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad
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Find a local event nearby, maybe a concert, a club event, a fest or some fair. Find something fun on these special days and spend your time in the festivity there. Enjoy the local festivity till you can come home and enjoy it traditionally. What if you like that even more and have a great time? Giving a chance to new things always comes with several good possibilities if considered. 

Wear Traditional

10 Cool Ways To Celebrate Indian Festivals Abroad
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Last but not least, I suggest you should definitely wear traditional clothes at the festivals as you do at home. It will give you a lot more homely feeling and festive vibe. It is going to be fun wearing traditional clothes, displaying your tradition, enjoying the comfort and feeling connected. You can also invite your friends for a theme party theming it traditionally, it would be highly unique and fun to do.

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These were all my suggestions for you to celebrate the Indian festivals in a great way abroad. However, the main essence of the festivals comes only when it is celebrated with happiness. So, celebrate the festivals in whichever way that makes you happy from within and makes you miss your home less.

I hope this blog actually helps you discover 10 cool ways to celebrate Indian festivals abroad. I am sure you are curious to read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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