List Of Amusing Nightlife Movies That Start From N

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Movies That Start From N

All the interesting things come out at night! Like the moon, the vampires, the monsters, the Santa Clause, the thieves and the rest are left to your imagination and preferences. The point was nights are as interesting as they are dark, especially for the people who are cravers of thrill. For the fans of nightlife and the thrill it brings, here are movies that start from N that provide an insight into the amazingness of nightlife and the horror that comes with it. Make sure to add the movies to your watchlist. 

Here Are Movies That Start From N That Will Help You Make Your Night Fun And Adventurous 

Find below an interesting list of highly interesting movies that start from N that will make your night fun and thrilling.

Night at the museum 

Movies That Start From N
Credit: Medium 

Watching a movie with your family is truly bliss! Sometimes all we want for a relaxed evening is to spend some leisure time with our family while laughing at some movie or enjoying a story. 

A guy named Larry Daley takes a job at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. An exhibit of a creature at the museum comes to life and by some power, it also revokes all the other artifacts too! The movie is a very family-friendly comedy adventure film that can definitely give you some fun time with your family with a lot of laughs in it.

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Nightmare Before Christmas 

Movies That Start From N
Credit: Disney plus

Are you a fan of animation? In recent times the fan following of the animation fan has seen a hike. The movies have become advanced, and so has the fan following. Here is a classic animation movie for you!

The movie Nightmare Before Christmas is an animated musical fantasy. The story revolves around Jack who is the king of the Halloween town who grows bored of all the spooky and scary things happening in the town which is the same every year. He then somehow stumbles upon a portal to a Christmas town where he gets overjoyed by the festive vibe of the town. But he misinterprets the whole idea of the festivity and interprets the situation to be his duty to scare the people there. He tells the residents of his town to to go to the Christmas world and scare people which somehow worries the character who has feelings for Jack. the movie is a fun comedy and an interesting family-time movie. 


Movies That Start From N
Credit: Youtube

Horror is one thing but the actual dark thriller is another. It is thrilling and terrifying to see the real type of thrilling stories. The movie Nightcrawler is a classic thriller that shows the dark side of sensational journalism. An ambitious and desperate journalist comes across the videography crime industry of Los Angeles. He learns the more brutal the crime scene the more amount money the journalism industry is ready to pay. In the urge to get success and money, he ends up forging the crime scenes to the extent of forgetting the line between real and forged things. You will have to find out if his actions had consequences by watching the movie. 

Night Of Living Dead 

Movies That Start From N
Credit: Ubuy India

Do you believe in ghosts? If yes then do you believe in the brothers and cousins of the ghosts? Like the vampires, the zombies? If you do then here is a fun movie for you.

The Night of the Living Dead is a modern zombie genre movie. A group of strangers get trapped in a farmhouse which was ruled by the flesh-eating zombies that were cops when alive. They were the first portrayal of the modern zombie series of films which explored the new theme of these creatures. The movie is based on the survival of the group. The theme of the movie explores the difference in thinking, the belief, the work of group and unity. The movie is worth a watch if you are a believer in supernatural elements. 

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Never Ending story

Movies That Start From N
Credit: IMDb

Have you ever come across something strange that you have for once feared to touch? Or have you ever been so engrossed in a book that you started to live it and forgot you had a real life?

This movie is about a boy who was so engrossed in a book which is about an entity that consumes everything that comes in contact with it. The mission of the protagonist of the book is to save the people from that entity. But the real twists come when the boy gets trapped in the book and becomes the protagonist himself and all of it becomes his real life. So make sure next time you read a book, you keep snapping out yourself or who knows tomorrow you will be the protagonist of some movie. 

Night at Museum 2

Movies That Start From N
Credit: Hotstar 

As we read about the movie Night at the Museum, this movie is a sequel to it. Larry quits the job and becomes an inventor. But his friends who used to work at the same museum still work there. The creatures who were brought to life before are now transferred to another place but the main artifact that brought everything to life is still at the same museum. That artifact gets stolen and is used by its own life brought abject to capture the world. The movie is highly interesting and scary. You must watch the movie if you enjoy the theme of terror as a fictional genre. I am sure the next time you are going to a museum after watching this film, all that your mind will think about is how things would be alive at night. 

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