Study Abroad: Myths vs. Reality

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Myth Vs Reality

There have always been a lot of myths regarding the matter of studying abroad in the air since forever. The myths keep increasing and spreading like wildfire. None of these myths can be combated if there is no proper knowledge about the matter to everyone.

Tell me, if somebody mentions to you that they are studying abroad, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Isn’t it that they must be very rich to be able to afford it?

Do you know this is a myth?

I am sure you don’t. It is stated that the study abroad programmes are for the rich people and several other myths like these are prevalent in our society and people believe it to be true.

Let’s bust some of the myths mentioned below and see what the truth is through the help of this blog.

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The following are the 8 major Myths regarding studying abroad:

Myth: Studying abroad will increase the education duration

Myths vs. Reality
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Reality: The duration of the graduation will definitely increase if you are not able to get admission in the correct session and wait for further sessions. However, if you plan properly and according to the correct dates then there is no way that your graduation will get delayed.

You need to know in advance if you want to pursue your education abroad. Then you need to put in your application in the earliest session possible to reduce the wastage of time. 

Once you have enrolled on the correct time for the correct session and program, the time of graduation will be the same as it will be in your country. 

If it is still more, then you need to rectify the problem because there is something wrong with your plan and research.

Myth: Studying abroad is wrecking your safety

Myths vs. Reality

Reality: I understand it is the concern of every parent that their child is not safe if they are not with them. But the truth is most of the countries that opted for the study abroad program are the safest countries in the world with safety measures higher than your own country. The universities have hostels and staying arrangements with proper security.

The safety completely lies in your hands as it does in your own country. So, it is a myth that going abroad increases the risk. It does not if you choose your company, and accommodation and plan wisely.

Myth: You need to be proficient in the native language of the country

Myths vs. Reality

Reality: The native language is not required until you are opting for the program that requires you to know the native language of the country. Most of the countries only require you to be proficient in English as that is the common medium of communication between you and locals. Therefore learning their language is not necessary but knowing English is.

Myth: Studying abroad is just a way of making yourself lonely

Myths vs. Reality

Reality: It is a very popular myth that making friends in other countries while studying is very difficult and you end up alone. Whereas, it is not like that. Making friends in your country or another is equal in all terms. It does not depend on your country but on your nature. 

If you are jolly and friendly in nature and open to talk to others it is not going to be tough for you to get along with them and make friends. Most of the students there are from other country come to study and are looking for friends. With a common motive, it becomes even more easier to get along.

Myth: There is no effect of study abroad on employers

Myths vs. Reality

Reality: It is not true that employers do not consider your study abroad experience. As international needs are increasing these days, any experience that you have gained internationally comes into consideration and adds weight to your profile. Therefore your study abroad experience weighs heavily comparatively if you are looking for jobs in international firms. 

Myth: It is a way of increasing expenses and is for rich people only

Myths vs. Reality

Reality: Yes it is true that initially, the study abroad was only affordable to the rich, but the times have changed. The programs are designed these days considering all in mind. There are several ways come up to help, like education funding by banks, scholarships, etc.

Most of the time it is affordable by the middle class to that too for the best countries. But if not then you, may get a scholarship if you are meritorious reducing your expenses drastically or can take up a loan from the bank for the purpose of education which is easy to get and pay back. 

Myth: It is just a way to have fun and not studying

Myths vs. Reality

Reality: Most people think it is just a way to party and have fun and not study. No doubt partying and having fun is part of students life but it is a complete lie that that is the only part when studying abroad. The attendance criteria there and here are almost similar. Students are expected to learn and are evaluated for the same. The main focus is learning and the universities take care of this part very well on their end, the rest depends on the child and their behaviour. However, most students don’t party a lot as it is an extra expense and most students prefer to save and have a decent life. 

Myth: The process of studying abroad is complicated 

Myths vs. Reality

Reality: The process of studying abroad is not at all complicated if planned properly. In fact, a lot of consultancies these days like Leverage Edu have come up to avoid any hustle on the student’s end. There are a series of steps that need to be followed, if you are clear with the right information and have done the research properly then I can assure the study abroad process is going to be like a cakewalk for you.

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These were the common myths about studying abroad, I hope this blog helped you in getting some clarification on the topic and removed the wrong perception that you had created about abroad from your mind. So if you were backing down due to any of these reasons, come on now and take up your first step in the direction of your dream.

That was all about the Study Abroad: Myth vs Reality. To read more such interesting and informative blogs, kindly follow Infotainment and to read about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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