Best Horror Movies That Start From H

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Movies That Start From H

Sit tight on your couch, grab your popcorn and get ready to hear your scary screams because I am sure the movies that you will watch now are going to make you scream in terror!

Do not tell me you are scared of ghosts. I am sure you are not! Because you have to look for some amazing horror movies here to get yourself entertained and not scared. Why not make this search even more fun by playing with the alphabet and looking for movies with the alphabet suiting them? H best suited the Horros so here we present to you some best horror movies that start from H and that are going to pull your blankets up even if you are a horror fan. Read the blog to the end and do not forget to pen down the names of the movies to add them to your list and enjoy the world of horror. 

List Of Horror Movies That Start From H That Are  Going To Haunt You For The Night

Are you ready? To experience fear! Are you prepared with your blanket and water? Come on then turn off those lights and start bingeing on the movies given below and enjoy the genre of your liking.


Movies That Start From H
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When we lose someone important in our life to the games of this life, how do we feel? The grief of the loss sometimes takes over so badly that we start to lose control. But what if that close ones come back? Have you thought about it? No? Ok, leave that to this movie!

Hereditary is a psychological supernatural horror film which showcases the story of Annie, a miniatures artist, her husband Peter, their teenage son Peter, and their young daughter Charlie. After the death of Annie’s secretive grandmother, Ellen, the family begins to unravel. Strange and disturbing occurrences plague them, and it becomes clear something strange is at work. As Annie delves deeper into her family history, she uncovers a terrifying legacy and a malevolent presence that threatens to consume them all. The film heavily explores the themes of grief and loss, particularly the impact of losing a parent or grandparent. Annie’s struggles to cope with her mother’s death drive much of the plot.  The film also explores demonic possession and the occult. The story is truly terrifying and worth watching

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Movies That Start From H
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How about you find some box of magic or treasure in a deserted place? Will you open it? Will you care to see what is inside it or will you be scared to touch such a strange item? If you will dare to open that box, this movie is for you! The story centres around Frank Cotton, a hedonistic seeker of new experiences. In Morocco, he acquires a mysterious puzzle box called Lemarchand’s Configuration, which promises to unlock unimaginable pleasures. Solving the puzzle unwittingly opens a doorway to a horrifying dimension inhabited by beings of sadomasochistic torture called Cenobites. The film explores the destructive nature of unchecked desires and the lengths people go to in pursuit of pleasure. The puzzle box represents the dangers of seeking forbidden knowledge or experiences beyond human limitations. Opening the box unleashes horrors beyond thinking. The film also opens up the concepts of betrayal and manipulation. 


Movies That Start From H
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Do you like horror but also like comedy? And now you are confused in choosing between a comedy and a horror film? Do you need someone to choose for you? Here we go!

House is a classic horror comedy movie. Roger Cobb a horror novelist struggling with writer’s block and recent divorce, inherits his eccentric Aunt Ethyl’s Victorian mansion. Seeking solitude and inspiration, Roger moves into the house with only his talking Vietnam War buddy-doll, Vietnam Harold, for company. However, things take a turn for the weird when the house itself seems to come alive. Furniture attacks, rooms change their layouts, and bizarre creatures with a taste for slapstick violence emerge from the walls. The movie is a very amazing blend of comedy and horror. It is known for its slapstick humour and relatability. While the film delivers laughs, there’s a deeper layer exploring the psychological impact of war. The movie is worth watching for horror and comedy fans. 

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Movies That Start From H
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Planning to live alone? Away from family? But are you also scared of the supernatural thing? Eben if you are scared or not but if you are planning to move alone then do give this movie a watch before you move out. 

Reena, a young woman seeking a fresh start, moves into a new apartment in Mumbai. Initially excited about her independence, she soon starts experiencing strange and unsettling events. Objects move on their own, lights flicker inexplicably, and disembodied voices echo through the seemingly empty apartment. Fear creeps in as Reena becomes convinced the place is haunted. They learn about a previous tenant who met a tragic end within the walls of the apartment. As the paranormal activity escalates, Reena is forced to confront her own fears and the possibility of a vengeful spirit. The movie was a hit and is also a classic in the world of horror films. I am sure you will enjoy the film and also you might change your plans for moving out.

Horror story 

Movies That Start From H
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Have you ever felt something horror? That you called to inform your friend. What if instead of getting shocked your friend suggested that they experienced something similar? How would you react? 

Horror Story is an Anthology horror film. The movie doesn’t have a single overarching plot. Each story explores a different theme related to horror. A group of friends visit a supposedly haunted hotel. They discover a mysterious mirror that seems to hold a dark secret. A young couple moves into a new apartment, unaware of the chilling history associated with the building. A group of students on a school trip encounter a terrifying entity on a deserted road. A group of office workers get trapped in an elevator with a malevolent presence. The movie is praised for its stories, events, directions and the theme of horror. You are going to love the movie if you like anthology films and are a fan of horror movies.

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