What if Narayan Shankar of Mohabbatein was the Dean of the University of Arts, London?

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what if narayan shankar of mohabbatein was the dean of the university of arts london

Our all-time favourite “Mohabbatein” was directed by Aditya Chopra. What if the three pillars of Gurukul Parampara, Parthishta, and Anusashan (Tradition, Worship, and Discipline)  were converted into Vodka, Whiskey and Marijuana?

This famous phrase was said by Amitabh Bachchan, who played the role of Nayaran Shankar, the strict Dean of Gurukul, which was a reputed all-boys college. But what if Narayan Shankar was the Dean of a reputed Western University, like the University of Arts London? What about his virtues, which he has been following for the past 25 years? How will he act as a strict Dean in a top university in the UK? Will the Western culture affect him and his pillars or how will he manage to survive in the modern world?


In the Mohabbatein movie, Narayan Shankar was portrayed as an anti-romantic person, who is against his boys getting involved with girls or their partners. The reason for Narayan’s strictness was the death of his daughter, Megha, who was in love with one of Narayan’s students, Raj Malhotra. 

Have you ever thought Narayan Shankar, who was a strict disciplinarian, fell in love with a British woman? How would he confess his love? What will the consequences be after he confesses his love? What about his 1st pillar of discipline, Parampara (Tradition) which he had successfully maintained in the last 25 years at Gurukul? 


When Raj enters the Gurukul and challenges the culture of the university, as said by Mr Narayan Shankar you were right about me Mr Aryan, like you even I love challenges. So now you do what you have to and I’ll do what I have been doing for the last 25 years. 

But the twist here is what challenge here Narayan is talking about, “Iss imarath ki neev itni mazboot h k koi Raj Aryan hatho me books or chere pr chashama liye yha uski ek bi eet hilane k liye kadam nhi rakh sakta kabhi nhi mr raj aryan kbi nhi ……”

(The Foundation of this building is so strong that no Raj Aryan, holding books in their hands or wearing glasses, can even lift a single brick, never.)


Have you ever thought Mr Narayan instead of performing Surya Namaskar, all the students wake up at 5 in the morning and play some hip hop music, like Gangnam Style, starring PSY (k-pop artist)?

What do you think Mr Narayan is going to change himself or will the University of Arts London environment need to change? 

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