Recommended list of Unique Movies That Start From U

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Movies That Start From U

Movies are an excellent way to escape the reality! Believe it or not, most of the enthusiasts of movies are looking for an escape from reality. Some want to find colours in the visuals, some like the feel and sounds, and some are looking for the stories. And this is most common for young adults, who are trying to mould their life. As we can explore the movies in any way we choose, why not explore in our unique ways? Let’s explore movies that start from U and add the best of these alphabets to your watchlist. 

List of unique movies that start from U

Here are some excellent and highly recommended movies that start from U, from all genres for our watchers to enjoy their show in their own unique ways. 

UP (2009)

Movies That Start From U
Credit: Roger Ebert

The favourite thing of this generation is to build a fantasy world. Live in delusion, hence the slang Delulu, I am sure everybody is well aware of this and also the fact that most of the section of movie enthusiasts is of young adults. So why not explore a movie of the same kind? 

UP is a 2009 released Hollywood movie that is a perfect combination of comedy, drama and fantasy! The protagonist, a widower decides to fulfil his lifelong dream, which is to travel to South America to Paradise Falls. To fulfil his dream and embark on his journey he takes the modem of air! He ties a thousand balloons to his house and makes it fly. On the way, he encounters a lot of explorers and a lot of experiences. The character of the protagonist is loveable but grumpy. If you are looking for something soothing, calm, animated and something that can make you believe in magic, love, and dreams then this movie is a perfect choice for you, but if you are a seeker of logic and reality then you may skip this movie. 

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URI: The surgical strike 

Movies That Start From U
Credit: Bookmyshow

This is for the action fans and the people who seek reality! 

Uri: The Surgical Strike is a real-life movie based on a true story of a military scene. The movie entertains and makes everybody aware of certain facts but impresses people who like Action and War. the movie is based on Vihan Shergill an officer from Kashmir who needs to set an attack on India. The story revolves around the actions that took place in India to control and respond to the URI attack. The movie is highly praised for its action, acting, and sequence of direction which made it a successful movie. If you are open to these types of sensitive political and violent topics then the movie is a perfect fit for you but if you seek something lighter then you may think before adding it to your watch list. 


Movies That Start From U
Credit: IMDb

Are you an admirer of supernatural elements? Are you fascinated by the vampires? A lot of stories have been made in recent times about such supernatural beings which have been admired and fascinated by a lot of people. The fan base seen for such types of movies and series is crazy! People really enjoy such stuff and to give a treat to the admirers of such genre, here is a movie!

Underworld is a movie that is based on the theme of action horror about some old wars between vampires and werewolves. The story revolves around Selene a vampire who killed the family of Lycans, after he discovered that the Lycans are after a human named Michael Corvin. A lot of drawings and the unravelling of truth happen to end the war takes place. The love between vampires and humans makes the story more interesting. The movie is a classic fantasy-based romantic drama which has excellent action sequences. You will enjoy the watch if you are drawn to such a genre. 

US (2019)

Movies That Start From U
Credit: Filmaffinity

The US is a movie that blends horror, mystery and thrill in a way that will get you hooked to your seat till the movie ends be it with interest or fear. The movie is about Adelaide who travels with her family to their beach house. She feels uneasy due to her past traumas, but the real trauma takes place when they are attacked by group of doppelgangers who look exactly like them. The movie can have something that may be uneasy to digest. Os, if you have a strong heart and love for horror, only then can you watch this film. 

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Movies That Start From U
Credit: IMDb

Udaan is not a complicated but simple story of a teenager named Rohan. Due to his rebellious nature, Rohan gets expelled from his hostel and is forced to return to his home under the supervision of his dad who is very strict. Rohan had a liking towards writing which made him even unlikeable to his father. The story is about how Rohan with the help of his younger brother fights the family restriction obediently and takes his “Udaan”. The movie is inspirational and relatable. The movie can be undoubtedly added to your watchlist and enjoyed. 

Upside down

Movies That Start From U
Credit: Google Play

Upside Down is a fictional romance film. The movie explores the theme of unfulfilled love, social norms, class disparity and the fight for desires. The movie is set in two worlds which display the class disparity between the lovers. After Adem falls in love with Eden despite staying in different worlds yet finds his way to her world by moulding the rules. The movie is famous for its beautiful visuals. If you enjoy sci-fi and romance, then the movie is an excellent choice for you. 

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These were the best of the Movies that start from U that will make your night Fun. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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