Most Frequently Faced Study Abroad Mishaps

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Most Frequently Faced Study Abroad Mishaps

Going to study abroad is definitely a very beautiful and fun experience. You not only get the education and degree but you gain a lot of things like exposure, experience, memories and a chance to learn a different culture. All this in turn makes you very confident and gives you some experience that only some have. But is the study abroad journey and experience very flawless? Do you think everything goes smoothly?

The simple answer to this is, No! There is nothing that you do for the first time can go as planned. There is always going to be some troubles coming your way. Yes, if you are experienced, you may not face many challenges. But there is always at least one trouble story that every study abroad student has to tell to their friends. Let’s look into some common study abroad mishaps that take place with study abroad students. 

Lapses even before the departure 

Most Frequently Faced Study Abroad Mishaps

The journey from one country to another for this long duration takes a lot of preparation. In the study abroad plan, even before the preparation, you need to do the formalities to make yourself eligible to travel abroad. You need to get admitted to the university, you need to get accommodation, and you need to get a visa. All this is a very long and tiring process. A lot of students stop even before they depart from the country due to failure in one or the other step or due to some fear. This is one of the common mishaps that take solace with a lot of students who plan to study abroad. 

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Not learning the local language 

Imagine you are going to the land of fairies to get all your wishes fulfilled. You did everything right and you are standing in front of the most superior fairy and she is asking you to tell your wishes and you are telling but she is not able to understand you. Now you regret that you must have first learnt her language to be able to communicate.

Same goes with if you are travelling to some country where the language spoken is different from the one spoken in your native. You have done everything right and landed in your dream destination but if you have not learnt the language, even the first day will get too difficult for you. You will not be able to freely navigate and do the activities like others there. This language mishap happens to a lot of students. So keep in mind to be familiar to the local language of the country that you are going to study in. 

Travelling too much 

Most Frequently Faced Study Abroad Mishaps

When you study abroad there are a lot of new things that have been added in your usual life. All those things come with their individual expense. Though it is very attractive to travel when you’re abroad but do you think it is feasible? Do you think that you travelling would not get you short on money and will cost you your education which is your primary goal? Yes, it will. A lot of students in the craze of travelling and newfound independence end up taking a lot of trips in the initial days itself which makes them run out of money real quick and get then lag in their education part too. Try to plan your travel by keeping in mind the expense and your schedule to avoid such mishaps. 

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Falling trap to the local frauds 

Small frauds take place everywhere. The difference is made from culture to culture and place to place. The frauds just don’t end in the dimensions of robbery and extracharging, but in many ways. You need to learn about such things from the locals of the place or the people who have lived in the country for a long time. You will also learn to protect yourself with time but a lot of students in the initial days are sold the stuffs of one dollar in 10 dollars. It is very important to get guided to avoid this type of mishap. 

Not carrying your favourite preservable food

Most Frequently Faced Study Abroad Mishaps

The food is one of the most important and problematic things that everyone faces studying abroad. The food culture and the cuisine followed in the countries abroad are very different to what we eat here. In the initial days the craze to try new gets you easy but later when you start to miss your own food is the real phase of the problem. You find yourself craving your traditional food a lot of time or maybe most of the time if you have spent one month eating the local food of the country. Most of the students carry the preservable food from their country and keep it stored for use as and when needed. A mishap that happens in this situation is that students sometimes do not carry enough food or forget to carry food which leaves them craving. A bigger blunder happens when the students carry too much food which increases the weight of their bags making them pay a huge sum of money to carry food. 

Accommodation unavailability

The first time when you’re getting a visa, booking accommodation is very necessary but what after that period of accommodation has expired? You have to book the accommodation in advance, if you do not then there are high chance of you not being able to get anything nearby. All the accommodations get filled as the semester time comes close. A lot of students forget to renew their accommodation and land in trouble with nothing in hand and end up taking place far from the university. 

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I hope you can find out about the most common mishaps that happen with students going to study abroad. The list of mishaps goes longer and the factors depend on experience to experience. You may face some different experiences that may be related to things that are not mentioned above, sure you will get something to laugh about in your experience too. 

Hope you found this blog on study abroad mishaps interesting and informative. Do share your experience in the comment box below. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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