What If Students Discovered A Hidden Treasure Or Ancient Secret While Exploring Their Host Country?

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What If Students Discovered A Hidden Treasure Or Ancient Secret While Exploring Their Host Country?

If there was no urge to explore in people there wouldn’t have been any great things in the world. It is all because of the exploring desire and will through which we now know that the earth is round, countries are where they are, that we could have the technology, and that we can fly through planes. 

Most of the exploring urge lies in the young generation, and the urge is much more young and exciting like Dora The Explorer, our childhood prodigy of exploring. 

This is true that some or other way we learned to search, explore, and reason things at a very young age through various cartoons like Dora the Explorer, Doremon Schichan, etc.

We would have been comfortable with the provided things to us and would never have searched for anything if this urge was not created in us at that time, because nobody likes leaving their comfort, especially when you don’t know what leaving it will give you.

Students going abroad to study also explore the country, what if you are that student, and what if you found a treasure while exploring? Let’s get to know through this blog.

Hidden Treasure
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Everyone Has Dora The Explorer In Them

Hidden Treasure
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All the students going to study abroad definitely do a lot more than just studying. Partying, traveling, and having fun are a major part of student lives. A lot of students at young ages like adventures, and exploring new places. And it’s a human urge to focus on any new thing we find, even if it is as small as a new type of coin lying around on the ground, or a new species of flower that you haven’t seen before.

Students who are exploring new places, deserted greeneries, and adventure areas have a high probability of finding an odd thing here and there as the world is full of artifacts and secrets.

Considering your group of students went to Trekk and found a rusted box with some metallic treasure embedded with gems and stones on it. The Dora side of your personality urges you to not ignore it, but rather pick it, clean it, and keep it with you with well awareness of the fact that it is something valuable. 

That Nobita Block In The Students

Hidden Treasure
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Any guess of what would you or other students do next?

What if you get a brain block? 

You know you have got something precious, but know nothing of what to do with it.

This is the phase where I call it being hit by the Nobita phase. You have everything, you know everything, yet you don’t know what to do and end up doing the most wrong thing possible.

Like just keeping the box with you as a souvenir and not doing anything with it.

What if while traveling back to your country you are questioned about it at the airport?

What if they take it away from you?

Or worse what if they arrest you in charge of taking their precious property with you without their knowledge?

The better thing in this situation would be to break this Nobita block and get the correct spirit to decide the right.

The Chhota Bheem Work Brain

Hidden Treasure
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Just getting away with the block is not enough, you have to think in the direction of what can you do and what should you do. 

You all can just keep that box at that place and come peacefully in your normal life and have nothing to worry about.

Or, you can play smart like Chhota Bheem used to. 

Think through, and mark alternatives like handing over the treasure to the university, government, or archeology specialists. 

Think what would be better for you and your mates. What will give you credit for discovery and benefit whichever may follow?

If in your place I would hand the box to the government, they can give the credit better because there is the chance of getting credit robbed at archeologist or university.

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That Feeling Of Superman

Hidden Treasure
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Using the brain would have got you enough credit, fame, your photo in the newspaper, and safety that you were compromising playing Nobita.

Finding something new is not something very casual. Of course, you have the right to feel super good about yourself for a while, like you have achieved some great achievement at the same time being safe and popular.

You feel like if it was not for you to be going on that trek, that particular discovery would have never taken place.

You might feel like a Superman or a Superwoman.  

And it is good to enjoy your achievement even if it was an accidental one.  

Attitude of Ben 10

Hidden Treasure
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Know that even our superheroes do not take pride in one achievement for a lifetime. They work, achieve, move, and again achieve. 

So adopt the attitude of Ben after you have taken the pride of Superman. Go back to your normal life as if nothing has happened. Keep those papers of news on the wall or folded in your books, forget about it, and work in your life like you used to before that box of treasure came in and find more treasures by working hard in your field and achieving in any way possible. 

These achievements that will come out of your field of study and profession will in the end help you in your life to gain real pride which will not be accidental.

This was a fun blog on If Students Discovered A Hidden Treasure Or Ancient Secret While Exploring Their Host Country showing the effect of cartoons in our nurturing, to read more such interesting blogs kindly follow Infotainment Archives, and to gain any knowledge on studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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