This Christmas Binge Watch These 5 Netflix Series on College Life 

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TADUM!!! Another listicle is here again with a curated list of 5 Netflix series on college life that you can add to your playlist. Christmas vacations are on the go and youngsters need a dose of some teenage drama that they can binge-watch during this time. We have thus curated a list that involves a show from various genres but is commonly based on college life. So, whether you have just joined the freshman year or are about to get into the sophomore, you can find something or the other relatable to your life in this list. 

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Anne with an ‘E’

Source: Filmy Daily 

Anne with an E is a light-hearted show set in the 1890s. The story of the passion as well as hunger for learning and acceptance of an orphan girl is beautifully depicted in the series. This Netflix show is a combination of thrill, romance, revolutionary ideas, passion, dedication, teenage life, accepting oneself and a lot more. The show is an adaptation of Anne of Green Gables but you will find it hard to decide whether the book or the series was better. 

Stranger Things

Source: The New Yorker

Stranger Things is one of the finest choices of Netflix and one of the most-watched Netflix originals. The story is a mix of children slowly turning into teenagers, and teens battling with their changing perspective of the world around them. The world is changing with changing responsibilities and also some otherworldly dangers. If you are a fan of sci-fi and fantasy integrated with the lives of real-world people, this Netflix gore will give you the right adrenaline. 

Bonus point: It’s not only our favourite stars entering teenage, the demogorgons and the mind flayer who are transforming and adapting to the world. 

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Source: Koimoi 

Though Riverdale has experimented a lot with its storyline and has now become a show for its Fanclub. But there is no debate that its first few seasons are a thrill to watch for anyone. These teenagers too are facing challenges, which are not otherworldly like that in Stranger Things but also not as societal as that in Anne with an ‘E’. This small town has got some dark history and secrets that the teens of Riverdale are going to uncover. Watch Betty, Archie, Jughead,  Veronica and Cheryl figure out the most complex crimes and societal evils.


Source: Teen Vogue

If you do not believe that you are a normal teen, well basically you will find Wednesday the most iconically relatable character. Mind it, the relatability is not with what she can do but with how she feels and how she associates with people. Not a normal family, not a normal life watch Wednesday act and dance of course, normally in the most abnormal ways. P.S. Even if you do not relate with her, you will still find the show entertaining. 

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Never Have I Ever

Source: IMDB

Finally, one show that is completely relatable to college students is Never Have I Ever. For those who madly crush on their first sweethearts, Devi Vishwakumar is the epitome of relatable. Watch the young romance of characters that feel very real. Moreover, the show also deals with problems faced by teenagers, self-love, some light-hearted comedy and friendships. In short, it is a complete package of how you want your college life to be. 

That was the end of this list, if you are also starting your college life soon or are already in there, you can drop by our Infotainment page to find some awesome relatable content. 

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