Top Watchlist Worthy Movies That Start From Z

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Movies That Start From Z

Congratulations, you have successfully made it to the end of the alphabetical list! This is the last alphabet and the last handful of movies before which you can actually call yourself the winner of the race of film and expert in the industry. You have proved yourself to be a true film enthusiast undefeated. So without wasting the very precious seconds that could be used to enjoy the movies, hop on to the below list and find out about the best of movies that start from Z to make your evening exciting and fun altogether. 

List Of Best Movies That Start From Z 

Entertainment must not be stopped, nor should the fun you get out of the movies in your leisure time. Find below the list of the best and most entertaining movies that start from Z:


Movies That Start From Z
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Are you a fan of Bollywood? If yes then you must definitely be a fan of SRK. The Indian actor who is famous for his romantic hits across all verticals. The best will be if you are a fan of romance as well as SRK because this movie is going to be a win-win for you in that case. The story is highly refreshing and a great watch.

 This is an Indian romantic drama film that features Shah Rukh Khan who played the role of the protagonist of the movie Bauua Singh.

This story revolves around Bauua Singh who is vertically challenged and lives in Meerut, India.The man dreams of achieving great heights in his life regardless of his physical disability. Bauua falls in love with a great scientist Aafia Yusufzai Bhinder who has cerebral palsy. Their unusual love story faced various challenges including their own fears and cultural biases.

Complications increase when Babita Kumari a famous actress enters the story and is struggling with her own difficulties. Bauua finds himself hanging between his feelings for both of them. He then moves to a journey of self-realisation and affirmation.

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Movies That Start From Z

Do you ever feel like you must have some magical powers? Like being invisible, flying or controlling people? How would it have been if you could control humans? If you want to live this fantasy of yours then here is a movie that can help you experience this 

This is an American television film that was featured on the Disney channel and is based on the novel Boys Are Dogs. The film starts with a high school girl Zoey Stevens who finds that she has the ability to control boys’ actions through a mobile app.

Zoey’s life turns upside side when comes her three stepbrothers by her mom’s remarriage. She tries to adjust to the new family while encountering usual teenage challenges like school, friends, and boys. But everything changes when she finds out about this app through which she can control boys. In the starting, she just used the app on her brothers and classmates and manipulated them but soon she realised the importance of truthfulness and true friendship. The genre of the film mainly focused on teenagers and children.


Movies That Start From Z
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Suspense, action and mystery when coming together in the form of finding just is the combo that no other genre can beat. This movie is based on the theme of justice and the fight for truth by the menace of internal strength. The movie may be emotional but uncovers a lot of hidden aspects.

It is an Indian thriller film that features Sanjay Dutt as Ballet “Bala” Roy, John Abraham and Lara Dutta in main roles.

The film starts with the character of Bala who is captured and locked up in isolated confinement for fifteen years without any clarification. After his release, Bala tries to find out the truth and seeks vengeance against the people who were responsible for his imprisonment.

As the mystery unfolds, Bala finds himself facing various challenges that include his depleting physical and mental health as well as his secrets about the past. Also, he made alliances with unlikely people in search of justice.

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Movies That Start From Z
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It is really important to have some thrill in life at all the points. What fun is it to have a straight-lined story? The ups and downs, the twists and turns are all very important parts of interesting stories. Zodiac is oner of that interesting stories.

It is an American thriller mystery movie. The film turns when the real-life investigation turns into a discovery of an unsolved Zodiac killer case that threatened the people of San Francisco in the early 1960s and 1970s.

The killer was known to send the encrypted letters to the newspapers claiming to have done a number of murders out of which only 5 were claimed to be his. The story follows Robert Graysmith an animator who becomes interested in the case which led him to investigate about the case on his own. He then made his team with two other men to investigate further.

As they dive deep into the case, Graysmith and his teammates connect all the clue web and find the suspects using the loopholes in the case which leads them to the serial killer in the end.


Movies That Start From Z
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A lot of people around us have a very challenging life due to several issues be it physical or mental. But sometimes the story they create becomes one of the best stories that can not only inspire people like me and you but also motivate us to do better in life. 

Zoey is an American drama film. The movie starts with a young woman Zoey who is suffering from autism and her journey of self-exploration and being independent.

The story then follows Zoey as fights with autism and walks on the difficult journey of adulthood. She followed her dream of becoming a professional chef and finding a place in the world in which her caring mother and her therapist supported her. Zoey when entered the world she faced a lot of difficulties and complications even though she found her way to making new connections and friends who accepted her. Along this journey, she learns about the true meaning of friendship and the power of self-acceptance.

Zombie Night

Movies That Start From Z
Credit: Youtube

Let’s end the quest of our movies that start from Z with one of your favourite genres of horror. Her is a perfect show-stopper movie that will make you pull your blanket a little higher and sleep with the lights turned on. Zombie Night is an American television horror film.

The movie starts with the story of a small town where an unfortunate zombie virus takes over the people turning them from human to flesh-eating creature…Zombies. As the situation becomes more worse the group of survivors must come together to fight against the zombies and survive the night. The movie includes violence, brutal chase scenes against the zombies and characters chasing tough choices to stay unaffected. The movie showed how the unaffected people faced conflict in choices and still managed to fight and survive against the hoard of zombies. The movie got mixed reviews with people criticising the movie for its poor effects and lack of originality on one hand and on the other hand people watching it as a source of entertainment and fun.

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This was all about the amazing movies that start from Z that you may love to watch. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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