Commonly Chosen Movies That Start From C

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Movies That Start From C

Movies have always been a way to escape the busy schedules of our lives. Be an adult, a child, or a teenager, everyone seeks some kind of story and the good part of movies is that they have a story for each one of us. Do you like horror? They have it! Do you like fairytales? They have it! Do you like religious? They have it too! You just have to name the genre and they have one for each one of us.  For you to find the best taste of the film industry, this blog contains the most commonly downloaded movies that start from C and are a classic hit.

Here Is The List Of Movies That Start From C And Are Most Watched By The Young Age People 

Following is an interesting list of the most commonly downloaded movies that start from C that have a good fanbase, excellent plot and a gripping story. 

Cabin Fever 

Movies That Start From C
Credit: IMDb 

Cabin Fever is a film that blends horror with dark comedy, with moments of gore and graphic violence. The movie has not only won many awards but has won a lot of hearts too. Do you dream of going on a trip with friends? A similar happens in this movie. A group of five college friends head to a remote cabin in the woods for a week-long vacation. They encounter a hermit infected with a mysterious flesh-eating virus, which they accidentally spread among themselves. Trapped in the cabin. What would you have done in this situation? However, they descend into paranoia and violence as they fight for survival. The movie is worth watching.

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Movies That Start From C
Credit: IMDb 

Horror is the favourite genre of a lot of movie enthusiasts. This movie is a cherishing and amazing work of direction.

Candyman is a supernatural horror movie. Helen Lyle, a graduate student researching urban legends, stumbles upon the myth of the Candyman, a vengeful spirit with a hook for a hand. The movie digs in deeper than it suggests. Sceptical at first, her investigation leads to a horrifying truth and unleashes a wave of violence. The film explores themes of racism, gentrification, and the power of urban legends.

Corpse Bride 

Movies That Start From C
Credit: IMDb 

Corpse Bride is a stop-motion animated film. The movie is highly praised for its graphics and the animation.  Victor, a shy groom practising his wedding vows in a forest, accidentally proposes to a deceased young woman named Emily, the Corpse Bride. Mistakenly believing they are married, Emily whisks Victor down to the Land of the Dead, a vibrant and quirky underworld. Stuck between his living fiancée, Victoria, and Emily, Victor must navigate the Land of the Dead and the world of the living to sort out his feelings and understand the true meaning of love and commitment. The movie explores themes of death, life, following your heart, and the importance of self-acceptance. It has a bittersweet and heartwarming message. The movie is a great choice if you’re looking for a visually stunning and heartwarming story.

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Movies That Start From C
Credit: TV Guide

Comedy can never be out of trend especially when looking for a refreshing treat. The movie is a classic comedy and mystery movie. The story follows six guests invited to a mysterious mansion by a host named Mr. Boddy. Things take a dark turn when Mr. Boddy is found murdered, and the guests become trapped in the mansion with a killer on the loose. Each guest has a secret motive and a colourful personality. The guests become suspects, investigating each other while trying to avoid becoming the next victim. The film cleverly plays on the multiple endings of the board game, with theatrical releases showing one of three possible solutions to the murder. Home video releases typically include all three endings for viewers to enjoy.

Celluloid man

Movies That Start From C
Credit: Google Play 

Some of us are looking for inspiration, biographical films that truly motivate us and give a refreshing growing mindset.

Celluloid Man is a documentary film. The documentary centres around P.K. Nair, a legendary figure in Indian cinema known for his tireless efforts in film preservation. Nicknamed “Henri Langlois of India”, Nair played a pivotal role in establishing the National Film Archive of India. The film chronicles Nair’s dedication to saving countless Indian films from neglect and decay. Through interviews with Nair, filmmakers, and historians, the documentary celebrates his passion for cinema and his commitment to safeguarding India’s cinematic heritage.

Captain America 

Movies That Start From C
Credit: IMDb

Out of all picked these days by youngsters or adults is the sci-fi movies. These movies apart from entertainment also give us knowledge about several things that we did not know about.

Captain America is a sci-fi action movie in which Steve Rogers, a scrawny but determined young man, is rejected from the military due to his health. However, he gets a second chance through a secret government program that transforms him into the super soldier Captain America. Captain America fights against the Nazi villain Red Skull and his evil HYDRA organisation.

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