6 Feel Good Bollywood Movies For A Refreshing Sunday

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Feel Good Bollywood Movies

The industry of movies is huge. There is fun, there is comedy, there is thrill, there is love, there is mystery and there is something for everyone. One thing that is always constant is Entertainment. We all watch movies for entertainment, but by choosing our genre. And at some point or other, we all wish to watch something that is refreshing, that makes us feel good. 

After all, what do you wish to be feeling after watching a movie? Sad? No. Refreshed right? This blog is going to give you the best of Feel Good Bollywood movies to enjoy your leisure and refreshing time. 

List Of Feel Good Bollywood Movies That You Must Have On Your Watch List

So are you ready? Leave the burden of your studies and work behind for a while, pop the corns and get some sodas by your couch, because you are going to binge on the best of Feel Good Bollywood movies all night. Find the list of movies below:

Dear Zindagi

Feel Good Bollywood Movies
Credit: Bookmyshow

Mental health issues have always prevailed since the existence of the human species. But the recognition and attention that is given in recent times was nowhere to be seen before. And a major credit goes to the film industry for this. The way they have beautifully depicted the issues prevailing in society regarding mental health and the way we can deal with them is applaudable. 

The movie is a new-age comedy genre. The protagonist is suffering from insomnia and her dissatisfaction with life. She seeks the help of a therapist who with his unique ways helps treat her anxiety. The movie depicts the distance the traumas create between the family and the children. But it all turns rosey as the protagonist starts to discover herself and live life peacefully. The theme of the movie is finding happiness and self-discovery. I am sure you will get the rays of hope after watching this movie. It does genuinely give the feeling of goodness and fulfilment. 

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Jab We Met 

Feel Good Bollywood Movies
Credit: Cinema chat

Sometimes all we want is a happy ending. If there is no happy ending we do not wish to see the story. And why not? We are actually dealing with the real-life issues in our real life, why can’t we ask for happy endings in just the movies? 

Jab we met is a Bollywood Rom-Com that booked its box office from day one. The movie has a very entertaining and fun vibe that gets you to enjoy with the movie. The story of the movie starts when Aditya a heartbroken businessman meets Geet a very spirit girl on his escape journey. Due to some misunderstandings, the two of them end up travelling together to Geet’s home. The chemistry and bond they make change them both in a very beautiful way. The movie may be a bit dramatic and with a lot of twists, but a happy ending is promised.

3 Idiots

Feel Good Bollywood Movies
Credit: The Indian Express

You must not be a Bollywood fan if you have not watched the movie 3 Idiots. The movie is not only a commercial hit but it so certainly has won the hearts of most of the viewers. The movie is so refreshing and revoking that it touches the delicate cords without hurting them. 

Three idiots is the story of two friends who go to study at one of the top universities in India. All of them had different dreams, all of them had different family backgrounds and all of them had different personalities. But the way they bonded and worked for their lives individually is inspiring. The movie also had a romantic angle which was too soft and pleasing. The movie had worked upon several hidden issues prevailing in the world gently and pleasantly. The message and the feeling given by this movie were unmatched. 

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Feel Good Bollywood Movies
Credit: Netflix 

Khoobsurat is a romantic comedy Hindi language movie. It can definitely be a feel-good movie as the story and the settings of the movie are too pleasant and delicate. The protagonist of the movie is a very cheerful and bubbly girl. She seems to have some past relationship issues which made her vary in love. She goes to a palace to treat one of her patients for leg disfunctionality. During their stay in that palace, she comes across some of her patients who she initially finds intimidating but later explores soft corners. The feelings become mutual from both sides marking the start of a budding love and a beautiful story. The movie is a very refreshing watch. 

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Feel Good Bollywood Movies
Credit: Bookmyshow

Zindagi na milegi dobara as the name suggests that life would never return is the true justification of the movie. It is the most lovely movie of all which may inspire you to live every moment of your life. 

It is about the three friends who meet and go on a bachelor’s trip to Spain before one of them gets married. Onto the journey, they overcome a lot of their inner demons, loosen up on life, experience the freeness, and embrace life. The movie is themed around the journey of self-discovery, exploration, acceptance and the motive of enjoying every moment of life as none of it is ever going to return. 

Hera Pher

Feel Good Bollywood Movies
Credit: Youtube

Coming to one of the most loved genres of all the age groups. The movie Hera Pheri is a Hindi-language comedy movie. The movie was a commercial success and also the heartwinner.

The classic comedy and slapstick humour has slayed the industry even now. You will have the dumps of waves of laughter that you have never experienced before.

The movie can definitely be called the show stopper of the refreshing movies as the story is as refreshing as strawberry juice. The story revolves around three friends who plan to rob a bank. Their success in mission or not is very secondary. You will only be able to care for the story when you will stop laughing. The movie is worth a watch and should be given one try at least. 

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With this, we end the list of the best Feel Good Bollywood movies, hope you found our retreat in it. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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