5 Big Boss Contestants Who Studied Abroad: Jump from Abroad to Big Boss House

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Big Boss contestants

What? These Big Boss contestants have studied abroad? We all know, the big and controversial reality show Bigg Boss has just been over. Also, this show is one of the most famous and beloved of current youth just because of some controversial phrases and tantrums like Tere Jaise by Siddhart Sukla in Session 3 and Shenaz’s famous dialogue Tuada Kutta Tommy Sada Kutta Kutta and many more. 

As a viewer, we all might think that the life of a celebrity is easy but have we ever contemplated what have they done to achieve this glamour? For instance, did you guys try to know their background and how they make up for themselves in this tough and competitive industry? Here we will talk about some celebrities and contestants of Bigg Boss who studied abroad and how they quickly started their careers in their favourite fields.

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So here is a list of a few famous Big Boss contestants from different backgrounds. All celebrities sprinkled spices in their style. Each contestant’s individual experiences shaped their approach to the game, adding to the diverse mix of personalities and strategies in the Big Boss house.

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Prateik Chaudhary 

Bigg Boss Season8 finalist

Hope you all remember the heart of all girls, the only charming chocolate boy from season 8, Prateik Chaduhary, he was not just smooth on screen. He honed his charm by taking his hotel management course in Australia. He learned hospitality and interpersonal skills, learned business management aspects, and gained cultural exposure – all contributing to his success in the entertainment industry.

Big Boss contestants
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Rahul Dev

Bigg Boss Season10 Contestant

Rahul Dev is also well-known personally in Bollywood. He plays villainous roles in many movies. After a successful Bollywood journey, he got a chance to represent himself in a reality show called Big Boss. His career was shaped well; one of the major reasons is the cultural experience he gained in England. He spent much of his childhood in England and studied in Ireland too. The Irish experience helps him gain a different perspective and also to present himself in front of the public.

Big Boss contestants
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Rohan Mehra

Bigg Boss Season 10 contestant

This Punbai and young guy have a lot of fan following on social media. Many of the girls are his die-hard fans. Rohan is known for his smokey eyes, abs and an obviously charming face. But did you know that Rohan completed his education in Canada? In fact, he spent one-fifth of his life in Canada learning about diverse cultures by learning how to say “sorry” really, really nicely. Perfect skill for surviving in the Big Boss house!

Big Boss contestants
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Bani J

Bigg Boss Seasons 10 contestant,

Bani J. is an Indian-American VJ and fitness enthusiast who studies mass media in the United States. She honed her media skills and shaped her future career path. The environment of international study played a crucial role in shaping her career path as a VJ and fitness enthusiast. In October 2016, she entered and stole hearts in Bigg Boss 10.

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Big Boss contestants
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