What If Your Study Abroad Flight Gets Hijacked

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What If Your Study Abroad Flight Gets Hijacked

Sounds as fun as your plan of study abroad, does it not? Just kidding!

Getting hijacked is not as fun as it sounds. Everything shown in the movies is just a source of entertainment and there is hardly any truth to it. The movie’s hero by saving everybody influences us to be that hero someday. Every time we sit on a flight, there is a constant feeling of what is such a scene takes place on that flight. What if our flight gets hijacked? Will we get a movie-like hero in our flight to save us all? Will somebody be ready to take the bullet in their shoulder to stand the terror fearlessly? What if we are left unattended? Shall I or you become the hero? Is it even right? Does this not come to your mind? If it does, then this blog is for you! 

Imagining if the flight actually gets hijacked, this blog tells you what to do and what not to do to save yourself and others. The intent of this blog is just fun and I hope you enjoy it as it flows. 

Do not panic

Do you think jumping out of your seat at such a height in mid-flight is going to get you anywhere? Do you think the hijackers are going to kick you out of the plane just because you are making a lot of noise? Do you think your getting anxious will change the fact that you are on a flight that is hijacked and you are not sure now if your study abroad plan is going to be a success or not? No right. So it is better to be calm in this situation. Do not panic, do not jump out of your seat or cry. Do not shout for help and agitate the hijackers. Do not make unnecessary attempts of noise as it is only going to highlight you and going to get you in even more trouble. Who knows, they may run the gun through keeping it right over your shoulder!

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Do not make random choices 

It is very natural to do and choose any attempt for freedom in such a situation. What if you plan to go get the pistol snatched from the hand of the hijacker and start shooting at them? Do you think this kind of plan is going to work? Though it is very tempting to just end the whole situation by putting a dagger through the head of the hijackers do you think they are even logical? Do you think they do are not prepared for you to stab them? No, my friend. They have thought through all the ways in which a kid like you is going to try to kill them and they are completely prepared for anything and backstab. So if your life is important to you then just sit in your seat tightly and do not let any of your random win and make you get into even bigger trouble.

What If Your Study Abroad Flight Gets Hijacked
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See the loopholes 

If you really want to become the hero of this flight, all you have to do is look for the loopholes in the system of the hijackers. They are humans like you and me, they can not be perfect, hence there has to be some or the other that they will not be prepared with. All you need to do is to observe the situation very minutely. Notice each and every action, see where are they lagging and once you find the loophole, there you go. You are ready to save your flight. 

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Do not become the action king

I know you have found the loophole. What now? Are you going to execute any plan that you made? Are you going to become the new “Neerja”? Or are you going to still stay lip-tight? The best would be to go to the person on your flight who is already playing the hero or the attendant. Tell them your findings, tell them what you are thinking to do, and tell them what they can do to be on the dominant side. Let them be the hero and let them use your idea. Because you doing anything may complicate things, it may come in between the plan of the authorities of the flight doing anything. This may make you a hero for trying but may bring everyone in the same situation or even work. 

What If Your Study Abroad Flight Gets Hijacked
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Do not make a fool of yourself

By doing things that may complicate the whole situation. What if you stand up and start crying to the hijackers saying that you wish to study and want to go to your college or home? They will not get any pity on you but you may make a fool of yourself. I will still be very off if you go and ask several people to help you, or disturb them or anything. Every action at this point will have consequences. Also discussing this idea with anyone else. 

It was fun until this blog but going and discussing the chances of your flight getting hijacked will totally make a fool out of you and and make people laugh at you. So drop the plan of being a hero in a hijacked flight and poach your bags for a happy journey abroad. 

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