5 Bollywood Movies That Can Retain Your Spirit While Studying Abroad

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Bollywood Movies That Can Retain Your Spirit While Studying Abroad

The entertainment industry has always been a major interest area for young people. Since the time the OTT platforms have taken over, there has been a boom in the population of movie watchers. Every 9 out of 10 people have either Netflix, Amazon Prime or a similar platform subscription. 

Well, how nice is it to have our mini theatres in our hands and enjoy our leisure time wherever we want, also seeing whatever we want. Isnt it?

Students too have a huge inclination towards entertainment, specifically as a relaxing activity. We can watch a movie or a series when we are happy, sad, stressed or in any emotion as there is something for everyone. So why not use this magic wand of movies to entertain and motivate ourselves when low on motivation?

The industry has caught up in this department too. They have given us some really good and motivating movies that might invoke the student in us and motivate us even more than you ever were. Let’s enjoy and at the same time get back on track by tying our buckles and heading towards our mission motivation.

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3 Idiots

Bollywood Movies That Can Retain Your Spirit While Studying Abroad
Credit: The beachcomber

One of the most iconic and inspiring movies for students of Bollywood remains 3 Idiots from the year 2009. The movie character Rancho depicts beautifully how by hard work, logical thinking and motivation, you can achieve anything in life. Despite the numerous problems and struggles that he faced his belief in himself was unbreakable. He had no money to study and no sources either yet he made it to one of the top colleges in India. The movie shows no less of the fun a student life has, but the balance the student maintained and the determination he showed was applaudable. 

Like our parents used to say they studied under candlelight too, the movie also has certain points where there were unimaginable difficulties, yet the characters always came up with a solution. So what are you waiting for? A power cut for the candle? No right? Gear up and be a real-life Rancho.

Nil Battey Sannata

Bollywood Movies That Can Retain Your Spirit While Studying Abroad
Credit: Primevideos

I hope you have not missed watching Nil Battey Sannata. If you have you should definitely go and watch it right now. The movie is as aspiring as the opposite of its name. The movie depicts a young girl struggling to study as she has no motivation or hope. However, her mother was working hard to provide money for her schooling needs. As her mother realises that the efforts are not liting her child up, she comes up with an idea. She gets herself admitted into the same class as her daughter and gives her competition by learning everything. The mother challenges the daughter to be as good as her and motivates her to study. Soon the girl realises how her mother is working, studying and struggling in her life for her daughter. It gives her a reason to study and she comes out as a very bright student later with her newborn dedication and motivation.

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Super 30

Bollywood Movies That Can Retain Your Spirit While Studying Abroad
Credit: Hotstar

A super-intelligent man Anand Kumar lost his success batel to his fate of financial problems. But the man is highly dedicated to helping other poor but intelligent students to be successful in their lives by helping them teach and provide the right direction. He opens up his class in partnership with a well-established coach and teaches a group of 30 students building them with very high determination and strong knowledge to reach their success. The movie can prove to be a classic inspire product if you are low on motivation and need a ray of hope or direction. 


Bollywood Movies That Can Retain Your Spirit While Studying Abroad
Credit: Hotstar

Chhichhore is one such Bollywood movie that has gained the love of most of its viewers irrespective of age. The story is set in a way in which a character from a movie Anni goes through a very tragic situation in life where his son tries to commit suicide. While in the hospital Anni reminisces about his college days and starts telling his story to his son. He tells him how his group was named Looser and how they all became successful in their individual lives. He tries to explain how the tables can be turned by changing your point of view towards things. He then calls all his friends to meet and the effect of all of it on his son comes out very positive.

The story teaches us to not be negative about life. Hard work and smart work can definitely turn the tables one day. You just need to be consistent to reach your goal.

12th Fail

Bollywood Movies That Can Retain Your Spirit While Studying Abroad
Credit: Koimoi

In my suggestion, the movie 12th fail should be watched by all the students. The story is of a guy from a very low financial background but a very bright dream of being an IPS. The boy did not even know the meaning of the UPSC exam until he came to Delhi where he faced the harsh reality of life but also made some good friends. He then embarked on the journey of his success defeating all the problems, distractions, restrictions and taboos of society. The movie is one of the most inspiring movies in history and can you motivated unimaginably.

Watching the struggle of others helps us get inspired and just to mention a fact, most of these movies are real-life stories. I am sure now you are even more motivated. Am I right? So let’s defeat the block that you are facing and kick start your journey towards the goal again because the break is over.

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I hope the movies we talked about actually help you get motivated and make you stick to your goal undisturbed. To read more such interesting blogs, kindly follow Infotainment and to read about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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