12th Fail Moments That We All Can Relate To

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12th Fail Moments That We All Can Relate To

Bollywood comes up with 1000 movies a year and a good share of them touches a big crowd in many ways, some emotionally, some politically, some in a revolutionary way, and a few effectively.

12th Fail was one such movie that touched many people in a very inspiring way.

A lot of people who have come a long way could see themselves as Manoj and a lot wanted to be like him.

Have you ever dreamt of achieving something? Have you ever been moved by an event in your past that motivated you to cross a milestone like Manoj? And most importantly, Have you ever Failed?

Hoping the answer of failing to be yes. If you have not failed even once in your life then probably either you are a born genius or you are yet to cross the milestones that will take you ahead in life.

There are a lot of instances in the movie that made us revisit some chapters of our own lives, let’s read about some 12th fail moments that we all could relate to.

12th Fail Moments That We All Can Relate To
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Some Of The 12th Fail Moments That We All Can Relate To

12th Fail Moments That We All Can Relate To
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Life works on expectations and hope, some of ours and some of our loved ones. To fulfill those expectations we we moderate, compromise, and bend our ways in different directions. And in those directions come different speed breakers. Some of which we can term as the 12th fail moments that we all can relate to

  • The very first moment that we could relate to at the start of the movie is being wronged when we are walking on a very correct path. The Father of Manoj was a very generous man doing his job harmlessly when he was wronged. I am sure there has been at least one instance in your life when you had no wrong intentions but you still were judged and rewarded in a very wrong way, be it in your school, your office, or at home, and since then something in you changed. 
  • Second was when the feeling of being the most unfortunate person enveloped Manoj at the time of his exam when every other batch could cheat but he could not. At one point in time, we have all been at the stage where we said “Mai hi ku?”. When everybody was being served on platter with the best of dishes theyMai why did I have to get the self-service.
  • When problems just piled up. His things getting stolen was just the way of god showing him how unfavorite he is, and similar happens with you and me when we are already dealing with a lot and another problem knocks on our door to give us a peek-a-boo about how good life has we been provided with.
  • Then comes the happy phase when all is good, you have cleared your prelims, you have a good crush who likes you back and you think you are doing fine in your life now. That’s when the sudden storm hits and takes it all away in one snatch. A moment you were the happiest and next you are in mid of the Sahara desert not knowing which direction was the way to your home.
  • After everything, there is this very tiny flame that still ignites deep in you with a flame too low to light enough. But suddenly something puts fuel to it and there it goes, the new way to your success. The same was the death of Manoj’s dadi was to him. The lamp of success that was gonna extinct in him because of failures was given fuel and led him to final success. Similarly, there have been such moments in our lives too. For me it was my math telling me that I would never be able to be good in math, it took me to get the first grade in the subject that year. I am sure you would have your fueling moments too, that hurt you but pushed you to grow.

Things We Learnt From 12th Fail Movie

  • When Life Throws A Chappal At You, Ask For Another One To Make A Pair

When Manoj was being thrown chappals at like failing, being taken away from the business he started, and getting his stuff stolen, he did not back down. He stood straight and challenged life to be as harsh as it could. He took the chappals and collected them i.e. he took the problems to be his experiences to learn from and get stronger by them. 

We learned to get stronger from him and not get scared every time life hit us. 

  • When You Get Lemons Make Lemonade
12th Fail Moments That We All Can Relate To

 Like Chappals he was given a lot of lemons too, a lot of bad things, a lot of times he could have been negative and cried for his luck. But rather he saw the positive in it. He worked the whole day in the library but he saw the positive of having the whole library for himself to study in life. So seeing the positives in the challenges we face is something we should learn from him.

  • Failure Is A Win In Itself
12th Fail Moments That We All Can Relate To

Every time Manjo failed an exam he learned a reason for his failure, he got to know places he could improve, and he realized his loopholes to fill them up. So all his failures were his wins, they were making him better. This was one of the 12th fail moments that we all can relate to, all our failures have somehow made us better.

  • Be A Lamp And Light Up Your Street 
12th Fail Moments That We All Can Relate To

Like Manoj said in the interview he wants to be a lamp if not the sun. so even if you are not able to make an effect at the bigger level that you wanted. You should never stop spreading your light to the area that comes in contact with you. Always be the change you want to see.

  • Never Be Afraid To Restart 
12th Fail Moments That We All Can Relate To

Whichever point you are at in your life. If you are not where you want to be, there is always an option to restart. It is just a matter of the choice you make. A choice to be comfortable in the present,  or a choice to take a leap out of your comfort and have a desired future.

  • Never Forget Your Support System

Gratitude is the key to growth. Never forget to be grateful for what was there when you least expected it. Always remember and appreciate your support system, because you might have never m, made it to the end if it was not for their help, motivation, and sacrifices.

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Every person is dealing with challenges of their own in life, but the spirit to grow despite the problems and all the fallbacks is what makes some stand out from others, like Manoj. The small milestone we cross daily takes us closer to standing on the stage of the limelight of our field. So my friend, persistence, and consistency are the keys. How you use your key is in your hand. believe in “haar nahi manunga”, and half the battle is already fought.

This movie is one of the gems in the film industry, I learned a lot I hope you did too.

These were some 12th Fail Moments That We All Can Relate To, and hope the blog was an interesting read for you, to read more such blogs kindly follow Infotainment Archives, and to get knowledge on Studying Abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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