Application for School Teacher Job: Format and Samples

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Application for School Teacher Job Format and Samples

If you are a teacher looking to switch your job, then you must approach educational institutions with an effective application for a school teacher job. An impeccable application must include your interest in the job. You can begin by mentioning your educational background and teaching experience. Thereafter, you need to showcase your passion for this profession. Further, you need to close the application by expressing your gratitude for the opportunity. To get more effective tips like these and explore sample applications keep reading the blog!!

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Application for School Teacher Job Format

To begin with, let us explore the format for application for school teacher job. You can tailor your application as per the job opening and the ideals of the school you are applying to. 

(Principal’s Name)
(School Name)
(School Address)
(City, State, PIN Code),

Subject: Application for School Teacher (Mention Position/Specialisation/Classes, as per the opening) Job 

Dear (Ma’am/Sir),

Introductory Paragraph: You need to introduce yourself and mention the position you are applying for. Also, express your excitement to join the school (School Name).

Paragraph on Educational Background: Thereafter, highlight your educational qualifications (degree, college, university) and teacher certification courses. You can also mention teacher training if you have attended any.

Paragraph on Teaching Experience: Further, you need to provide a summary of your teaching experience. Herein, you can highlight your teaching methodologies, achievements, and responsibilities as a teacher in your past job. 

Closing Paragraph: Finally, close your application by expressing gratitude for considering your application. Also, mention your availability for an interview and provide contact information.
Thereafter, attach your resume and any additional documents requested.

(Your Full Name)
(Contact Number)
(Email ID)

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Application for School Teacher Job Samples

Furthermore, in this section, we have some samples of application for school teacher job. These samples will help you draft an effective application, which might facilitate your chance to land your dream job.

1. For Kindergarten Teacher

Here is an example of an application for a kindergarten teacher job at DPS RK Puram.

Ms./Mr XYZ
(Principal’s Name)
DPS RK Puram
Kaifi Azmi Marg,
KD Colony, Sector 12,
Rama Krishna Puram, 
New Delhi, Delhi 110022

Subject: Application for the Kindergarten Teacher Position

Dear Principal Ma’am/Sir,

I am reaching out in response to your recently posted job opening for a kindergarten teacher at DPS RK Puram. I am eager to express my interest in this position.

Having completed my Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training two years ago, I have gained valuable experience as a teacher in the pre-primary section at DPS RK Puram. Throughout my educational journey and professional endeavors, I have developed a deep passion for the field and feel well-equipped to effectively manage and educate young children. My commitment, patience, and enthusiasm make me confident in my ability to excel in this role.

I am enthusiastic about the prospect of joining your institution and kindly request you to consider my application. Further details about my education and previous experiences can be found in the attached resume. I am reachable via both email and phone.

Contact Number: 99********
Email ID: [email protected]

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2. For Primary School Teacher

Herein, we have an application for school teacher job opening in the primary section of one of the top schools in Kolkata: St. Xavier’s Collegiate School.

(Principal’s Name)
St. Xavier’s Collegiate School
12A Wood Street,
Kolkata – 700 016,

Subject: Application for the Primary School Teacher Position

Dear (Principal’s Name),

I am writing in response to the Primary School Teacher vacancy at St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, as advertised in The Telegraph. I would like to express my sincere interest in applying for this position.

In 2017, I completed my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Shri Shikshayatan College. Later, I obtained national-level CTET certification in 2018. Over the past three years, I have served as a teacher handling various subjects for Grades I to III at Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, Kolkata. The experience has been immensely rewarding, allowing me to witness the intellectual and personal growth of young minds under my guidance.

I am confident in my qualifications for the advertised position and am eager to contribute to the academic excellence of your school. For your convenience, I have attached a comprehensive resume and scanned copies of relevant documents. I can be reached at 8527****** or via this email address.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my candidacy further.

Warm regards,
Contact Number: 8527****** 
Email ID: [email protected]

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3. For Specific-subject Teacher

Now, we have a sample application for a Social Science teacher job at Modern School Delhi. 

(Principal’s Name)
Modern School
Barakhamba Rd,
Todermal Road Area,
Mandi House, 
New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Subject: Application for Social Science Teaching Position

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am submitting my application for the Social Science teacher position at your esteemed school. Anticipating the commencement of the upcoming school session, I am reaching out in the hope that you might consider my application for any potential openings during the academic year.

I graduated with an MA in History degree from SGTB Khalsa College in 2018. Later, I completed the B.Ed. program at Lady Irwin College, successfully clearing the CTET in December of last year.
I am actively seeking an opportunity to contribute as a teacher in a reputable institution such as yours. Proficient in the revised syllabus, I am comfortable teaching across both Primary and Middle School sections. While I may not possess extensive classroom experience, my passion for Social Science is robust. Also, I am confident in my ability to excel in teaching this subject.

I aspire to become a part of Modern School shortly, promising dedication and merit if given the opportunity. I have attached to this email a detailed resume, and my contact details are provided below. Thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely,
Contact Number: 7042******
Email ID: [email protected]

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How to Write an Application for School Teacher Job?

To help you write an effective application for school teacher job, you can follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Before you start writing the application, thoroughly research the value system and teaching philosophy of the school you are applying to. 
  • When writing, you need to clearly outline your educational background, certifications, and teaching experience. You need to directly connect your past experiences and educational qualifications to the job requirements.
  • Furthermore, you must express your teaching philosophy and methodologies. In this part, you need to discuss your approach to classroom management and student engagement to curate a positive learning environment.
  • Thereafter, you must highlight teaching skills that make you an ideal candidate. You can mention communication skills, creative learning, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous professional development. 
  • Finally, remember to customize your cover letter for teacher. Your cover letter must include your past experiences as a teacher and any recent achievements or certifications. 

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Q.1. How can I write an application for teacher job?

Ans: Here are some tips for writing an effective application letter for a teaching position:
1. Research the school
2. Mention educational qualifications, certifications, and past teaching experiences.
3. Express your passion for teaching
4. Showcase your teaching skills and other classroom management skills

Q.2. What is the format for the teacher job application?

Ans: Here is a brief outline of teaching job applications:
1. Address the letter to the Principal
2. Write the school name and address
3. Create the subject line
4. Salutations
5. Introduce yourself and express your interest
6. Mention your educational background and teaching experience
7. Write a closing statement
8. Closing salutation and your contact information

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