🎁Top 10+ Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees to Give This Year (2023)

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Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees to Give This Year

Diwali also known as the festival of lights is one of the main festivals which is celebrated in India. This festival is celebrated with much fanfare and joy. Diwali not only illuminates one’s home but is known to bring wealth and prosperity. It is a symbol of the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. The giving and receiving of presents is a treasured custom that adds an extra dimension of excitement to the celebrations amid the flickering diyas, magnificent rangolis, and brilliant fireworks. This article contains some Diwali gift ideas for employees!

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Why Gifting During Diwali Is Important?

Corporate Diwali gifts have long been a practice in many organisations around the world, particularly in India, where the holiday of Diwali has great cultural significance. These presents represent various significant facets of the business sector in addition to the holiday spirit.

One should note that the act of gifting one another is not constrained to just family and friends. It is extended to the professional world, hence the concept of corporate Diwali gifts.

Corporate Diwali presents show appreciation, spread kindness, and develop connections within the corporate community. They serve as a sign of respect and gratitude for the dedication, loyalty, and hard work that workers, partners, and clients displayed during the year.

Here are some of the reasons why gifting in a corporate environment is so important:

  • Helps in Building Relationships
  • Recognition of the Employee and Motivation
  • Enhancement of Corporate Image
  • Promotion of a Brand
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Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees & Co-workers

It might be difficult to select the ideal present, but considerate and sensible decisions can make a lasting impact. Therefore, we have compiled a list of gift ideas from which you can choose to gift your office colleagues.

  1. Scented celebration Diwali Hampers
Source: Loopify

You can gift a Diwali hamper to the employees that contain scented diyas, candles, or incense sticks. Add a card and wish them a Happy Diwali full of lights and fragrance in their life.

  1. Sweets and Gourmet Diwali Gift Hamper
Gourmet Gift Box for Diwali
Source: Gifts by Rashi

Enhance the happiness of Diwali with a beautifully arranged gift hamper arranged in a tray decorated with flower or net add-ons. The hamper includes hand-made chocolates, cookies, packed chocolates, sweets, and other food items with a Diwali card, diyas, and wall stickers.

  1. Nuts Diwali Gift Hamper for Employees
Nuts Hamper
Source: Happy Hampers

This is the best gifting item of all. Diwali is about distributing sweets and nuts and warm wishes to everyone. So, you can gift a beautifully decorated box filled with dry fruits or dry fruits coated with chocolate to your employees and wish them a Happy Diwali.

  1. Gadgets
Source: Corporate Gift Banglore

Tech gadgets are popular in this era of the internet. Gadgets like power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones are all very practical items, and if you choose a high-quality product, it will likely benefit your business. Although these devices can be personalised with your business’s logo to add a more distinctive touch.

5. Laxmi Paduka

Lakshmi Ganesh Charan Paduka with Puja Kit
Source: Amazon

Lakshmi Ganesh Charan Paduka is one of the best Diwali gift ideas for employees. It is considered as the purest thing. In addition, the employees will also worship them and keep them in their temple. On the auspicious day of Diwali, it is believed that Goddess Laxmi visits every house and showers her blessings in the form of health, wealth, and prosperity. Thus, the Charan paduka and the puja kit will prove lucky for your employees.

6. Ganesh-Laxmi Idols

Source: Amazon

Ganesh idol is the best gift to offer your employees. Lord Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles in your life. So, you can give a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha along with a note wishing your employees a very Happy Diwali.

7. Tea-Coffee Hamper

Tea and Coffee Diwali Gift Hamper
Source: Angroos

If you are planning to gift something useful to your employees this Diwali season, then, a tea and coffee Diwali gift hamper is the most useful thing you can surprise your employees with. Corporate employees are fond of coffee and tea. So you can curate a beautiful hamper with the best quality coffee and tea packets along with coffee mugs and chocolates.

8. Scented Candle and Copper Bottle Hamper

Source: Amazon

A copper bottle and a set of scented candles will look luxurious to gift someone in your office. You can make a note along with the hamper with a wish stating “May the aroma and light of the candles infuse fragrance and brightness in your life. Happy Diwali!”

9. Luxurious Sweet and Snack Diwali Hamper

Luxurious sweet and snack Diwali Hamper
Source: Luxebook

Gift a luxurious sweet and snack box hamper containing traditional Indian sweets with beautiful packaging to your employees and fill some sweetness in their celebration of Diwali.

10. Customized Diwali Gift Hamper

Personalized Diwali Gift Hamper
Source: HoMafy

Gift a customized gift box to your employees containing a stainless steel water bottle with the name of the employee imprinted over it, jars filled with cookies and nuts, along with a personalized mobile cover.

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When will Diwali be celebrated this year?

This year, the festival of lights, Diwali will be celebrated on 12 November all over the country.

What should be a Diwali gift for employees?

Diwali gifts are offered to spread happiness and keep the staff motivated. Some of the best gifting options for Diwali are:
1. Assorted box of dry fruits.
2. Chocolates
3. Diwali bonus
4. Bonsai Tree
5. Hampers containing gadgets, sweets, and nuts.

What do companies gift on Diwali?

Mentioned below are some Diwali gift ideas for employees:
1. Gift hampers
2. Personalized gifts
3. Plants
4. Chocolate and Flowers
5. Decorated Diya box.

We hope this article provides you with all the relevant information on this topic. For more related articles, you can read various Trending Events at Leverage Edu!

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