Mysterious Story of Secret Santa: Know How the Tradition Began

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secret santa story

As the day of Christmas is almost here, people around the world are getting ready for the festivities. While some are busy decorating their entrances with wreath decorations and setting up everyone’s favourite Christmas tree, others are thinking about the perfect Secret Santa gift for this year. It is a popular game that is being played worldwide in schools, colleges, and office parties. While it is a favourite of everyone, only a few know about its origin. In this blog, we will explore the Secret Santa story as well as the rules that make the game interesting.

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Secret Santa History

The history of Secret Santa is as comforting as the celebration itself. It goes back to December 1979 when a common man named Larry Dean Stewart who lived in Kansas City was suddenly fired from his job. It was one of the coldest nights of the year. He went inside a restaurant to save himself from harsh blowing winds of cold and despair. Suddenly, he noticed a waitress serving her customers in a thin worn-out jacket. Larry couldn’t help but feel helpless.

This moment changed Larry’s perspective for eternity. He realized that his life could have been more disastrous. He decided to go into the streets and hand out $1000 bills to people in dire need of the money. This made him an American folk figure and the original Secret Santa. 

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Rules of Secret Santa

Wondering how to play Secret Santa? To your surprise, understanding the rules of this game is not a tough nut to crack. Here is what you need to remember:

1. Firstly, make sure that the names of all the members of your group are included.  

2. Make sure that every person in the group draws one name. 

3. Set a specific budget and ask everyone to not exceed the limit.

4. Ask the participants to get creative with their gifting ideas and think out of the box.   

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How do you explain Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a fun way to make your Christmas festivities hilarious, and full of excitement, and laughter. To explain the ritual of Secret Santa to someone in simple terms, you can think of it as a fun game wherein members of a group write their names on small bits of paper. Next, these names are allocated to random members. To play Secret Santa with a twist, the identity of the gift giver remains a secret. 

How do you write a Secret Santa message?

To take your Secret Santa gift one step further, you can add a handwritten note with a sweet message. But are you unable to think of something creative? Well, for starters, you can write something like Santa is quite busy this year, so he sent me instead. Another idea is The perfect gift does not exist unless I make one for you.

Why is Secret Santa special?

The time around Christmas and holidays can be stressful for some people. You never know what hardships the other person is facing. Luckily, fun games like Secret Santa can lift their spirits and give them a reason to smile. Moreover, it can share warmth and sheer joy among your peers, friends, and family. 

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