World Earth Day 2024- History, Theme, Significance

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World Earth Day

World Earth Day is an annual celebration observed on April 22. On this day, billions of people across the world raise awareness about issues such as climate change, deforestation, pollution, and loss of biodiversity that are constantly degrading our planet. World Earth Day presents an opportunity to contribute to a better world by taking effective actions against these issues. In this way, the day emphasizes the urgent need to take collective action and adopt environmentally friendly policies to lead to a better, cleaner, and greener world. 

Name of the dayWorld Earth Day
Observed onApril 22
Reason To raise our voices against environmental issues and take action to protect our planet Earth.
Theme 2024Planet vs. Plastics

History of Earth Day

In addition to raising public awareness of environmental issues, Earth Day is now a well-liked occasion for many communities to come together to pick up trash, plant trees, or simply appreciate the beauty of nature. Let’s take a look at its history.

  • The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.
  • It was when Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson and San Francisco activist John McConnell separately urged people to participate in a grassroots protest.
  • An impressive 20 million Americans—10% of the population—went outside and protested in response to the extremely serious issues of toxic drinking water, air pollution, and pesticide effects.
  • McConnell initially wanted to celebrate on March 20, the spring equinox, but Nelson suggested April 22, which ultimately became the day. (Given that the date of the spring equinox changes over time, it may have made things more complicated to go with the astronomical event rather than just a calendar date.)

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What is the Theme of World Earth Day 2024?

The theme for World Earth Day 2024 is, “Planet vs. Plastics”. This theme highlights the persistent commitment to reduce human reliance on single-use plastics. Moreover, it also encourages readers to opt for sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. 

What is the Significance of World Earth Day?

  • It promotes awareness about numerous environmental issues affecting our planet’s health.
  • The day encourages the use of sustainable practices.
  • It also promotes the efficient use of renewable resources.
  • World Earth Day makes people realize their duty and responsibility towards safeguarding the planet and its natural resources. 
  • It encourages young children to mindfully use the Earth’s natural resources and preserve them for future generations. 

How to Support Earth Day Celebrations?

Here are a few ways to extend your support to Earth Day celebrations in 2024:

  • Commute: Carpool with friends, use public transportation, walk, skate, scooter, or ride a bike to get where you’re going instead of driving.
  • Go vegan: According to a recent BBC report, by the year 2050, global emissions related to food would be reduced by about 60% if everyone went vegetarian and stopped eating red meat. Instead, if everyone became vegan, emissions would drop by about 70%. 
  • Thrift clothes: By thrifting clothes, you can prevent the use of new resources to create garments that will ultimately be recycled, reused, or disposed of. According to some studies, buying things online is better for the environment because it uses about 30% fewer resources than traditional retail.

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Earth Day Activities for Students

If you are planning to celebrate Earth Day with your children or students, here are a few activities that might help you:

  • Pick up trash from your surroundings
  • Take a stroll in the park
  • Plant new saplings
  • Stop using chemicals and pesticides in the garden
  • Save Water
  • Plant new flowers
  • Embrace the 3 Rs- reuse, recycle, and reduce
  • Opt for renewable sources of energy
  • Volunteer with NGOs
  • Use biodegradable materials
  • Play the Earth Day quiz
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Q.1. Who started or founded the World Earth Day?

Ans: Earth Day was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson.

Q.2. What is the theme of World Earth Day 2023?

Ans: The theme of Earth Day 2023 is “Invest in our Planet”.

Q.3. Why is April 22 celebrated as Earth Day?

Ans: April 22 marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in the year 1970.

Q.4. When was Earth Day first celebrated?

Ans: The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970.

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