9 Days of Navratri Colors 2023, Their Significance and More

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9 Days of Navratri Colors 2023, Their Significance and More

The majority of Hindu homes have already begun their preparations with a lot of passion and enthusiasm for Sharadiya Navratri 2023, which is only five days away. Navratri is Sanskrit for “nine nights.” “Nava” stands for “nine,” and “Ratri” for “night.” The dates for Sharad Navratri 2023 are Sunday, 15 October, through Tuesday, 24 October.

The Significance Behind Navratri Celebration

The celebration happens because goddess Durga vanquishes and kills the monster Mahisasura and frees the universe from bad influence, therefore Navratri is regarded as an auspicious holiday. The celestial powers, strength, and knowledge utilised to combat evil are symbolised by the goddess Durga.

List of Navratri Colors According to Goddess 2023

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Navratri is a nine-day festival where the devotees worship Maa Durga. On all nine days, people wear new clothes based on colours which are considered auspicious. We have compiled a list of all the colours which one can wear on the following days.

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Day 1: Goddess Shailputri, Color – Yellow, Orange

On the first day of Navratri, Goddess Shailputri is worshipped. It is considered that Devi Shailputri likes the colours such as yellow. Wearing these colours on the first day is said to be lucky for all the devotees. It is believed that wearing this colour, will to the attainment of good luck and joy.

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Day 2: Goddess Brahmacharini, Color – White

On the second day of Navratri, Devi Brahmacharini is worshipped. When doing acts of worship, one should dress in white since it symbolises purity.

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Day 3: Goddess Chandraghanta, Color – Red

The third manifestation of Goddess Durga is Goddess Chandraghanta. She is worshipped on this day. On this day, wearing anything red is regarded as auspicious because this Devi is believed very fierce, courageous and strong.

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Day 4: Goddess Kushmanda, Color – Royal Blue

Devi Kushmanda is worshipped on the fourth day of Navratri. According to legend, worshippers should dress in royal blue on this day since the Goddess is credited as the creator of the universe. It is believed that when the world was in darkness, her smile was the only reason that gave rise to life again.

Source: Rajshri Soul

Day 5: Goddess Skandmata, Color – Green

On the fifth day of Navratri, devotion is offered to the goddess Skandmata. She liked the green colour and by wearing so all the wishes of the person will be fulfilled. Green colour signifies new beginnings and growth

Source: Rajshri Soul

Day 6: Goddess Katyayani, Color – Red

Day 6: The sixth Navratri day is dedicated to the devotion of Devi Katyayani. Devi Katyayani loves the colour red. Therefore, people can wear this colour and worship. This colour is considered auspicious for all the devotees who worship Devi Katyayani and all their wishes come true.

Source: Rajshri Soul

Day 7: Goddess Kalratri, Color – Grey

Day 7: The seventh day of Navratri is dedicated to Devi Kalratri worship. It is lucky for devotees to worship Maa Kalratri on this day by dressing in grey. For all those who don’t know, this colour stands for the strength of transforming.

Source: Rajshri Soul

Day 8: Goddess MahaGauri/ Ma Durga, Color – Pink

Day 8: One of the crucial Navratri days is Ashtami. On this day, worshippers honour Mahagauri, Maa Durga’s eighth manifestation. When attending worship, devotees should dress subtly in pink, a shade that stands for optimism, self-improvement, and social advancement. For all those who don’t know, on this day, all girls are offered food after conducting a small puja.

Source: Rajshri Soul

Day 9: Goddess Siddhidarti, Color – Purple

Day 9: Goddess Siddhidatri, the ninth incarnation of Durga, is worshipped on the ninth day of Navratri. The reverence of Siddhidatri, the daughter of all Siddhis. It is seen as lucky to dress in purple on this day.

Source: Rajshri Soul

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What are the 9 colors of Navratri 2023?

The nine colours of Navratri include Yellow, Green, Brown, Orange, White, Red, Blue, Pink and Purple.

What are the two types of Navratri in 2023?

There are two types of Navratri – Chaitra Navratri and Shardiya Navratri.

When to do Kanya Puja in Navratri 2023?

Kanya Puja is conducted on the eighth day of Navratri, Ashtami.

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