Earth Day Quiz 2024: 25 Questions and Answers

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Earth day quiz

With Earth Day around the corner, schools and universities around the world are planning to organize related activities for students. Among others, the Earth Day quiz is more commonly used to expand students’ knowledge about sustainability and environmental protection. Moreover, this activity also helps to foster teamwork, healthy competition, and collaboration among students. So, if you are ready to prepare for upcoming quiz competitions, here are some MCQ questions and answers on Earth Day.

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Earth Day Quiz 

Take this interesting Quiz questions and check your knowledge:


#1. When do we celebrate Earth Day?

#2. Among the following, what was the theme of Earth Day 2023?

#3. The theme for Earth Day 2024 is:

#4. Who is renowned for founding Earth Day?

#5. The first Earth Day was organized on:

#6. Among the following options, which region produces 20% of our planet’s oxygen?

#7. The celebration of the first Earth Day was partially inspired by which of the following events?

#8. Celebration of the first Earth Day eventually led to the establishment of:

#9. Earth Day is also known as:

#10. Earth Day is a ____ event:

#11. The first Earth Day celebration took place in:

#12. Which gas is majorly responsible for the greenhouse effect?

#13. Which Agreement was signed on Earth Day in 2016?

#14. How many people participated in the first Earth Day?

#15. What does 350, the Magic Number of climate change refer to:

#16. Which of the following is popularly referred to as the lungs of the earth?

#17. Among the following, which type of plastic pollution is the most common?

#18. Which layer of the Earth’s atmosphere protects us from UV radiation?

#19. Among the following, what is the primary component of ozone-depleting substances substances?

#20. 70% of the earth is covered by:

#21. Which of the following terms is used to describe resources that can be replenished naturally?

#22. What happens to the plastic waste in the environment?

#23. What do you mean by microplastic?

#24. What was agreed to in the famous Paris Agreement of 2015?

#25. What percentage of the global greenhouse gas emissions does the transportation sector emit approximately?


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