World Computer Literacy Day: Date, Theme, History, Significance

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With the invention of computers, the functioning of the entire world has changed. Digital learning is introduced at primary and secondary levels to make kids familiar with computers. A specific day is dedicated to celebrating World Computer Literacy Day. The World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated on 2 December every year since 2001. It is celebrated to drive digital literacy among women and children and encourage people towards a digital future. However, to date, there are certain sections of who are deprived of digital access so WCLD supports and promotes computer literacy in all sections of society. Keep reading and explore the date, theme, history, and significance of World Computer Literacy Day!

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World Computer Literacy Day Theme 2023

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Every year a specific theme is decided to celebrate WCLD. This day is celebrated to spread awareness in society about the importance of computer literacy. The theme for this year’s WCLD has not been announced yet.

Previous Year Theme of World Computer Literacy Day

Following is a list of themes that were used on the in the previous years

2022“Literacy for human-centred recovery: Narrowing the digital divide.”
2021“Empowering youth with digital skills: bridging the digital divide.”
2020“Digital skills for a digital world.”
2019“Empower people to become digital citizens.”
2018“Digital literacy for a brighter future.”

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History: When is World Computer Literacy Day Celebrated?

World Computer Literacy Day was an initiative by an Indian company NIIT National Institute of Information Technology. It was started on 2 December 2001 to mark the 20th anniversary of its establishment. In 2002, World Computer Literacy Day was celebrated together with many members of the Parliament. They were also provided computer training to spread awareness about computer literacy in the Presence of then Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee

The main aim behind celebrating this day is to surpass the issue of the global digital divide. It has affected millions of people to whom computer literacy is inaccessible. Therefore, this day fuels the need to bridge the digital divide among the people.

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Significance of the Day

On this day, people emphasise the importance of computers in day-to-day life. Computer is a basic necessity nowadays because everything is digital. It also focuses on eradicating the digital divide between different sectors of society.

This day holds a significant role in the adoption of digital technologies, mainly by women and children. 

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Why is World Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated to spread awareness about computer literacy and to bridge the digital divide between the different sectors of society.

Who started Computer Literacy Day?

National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), started Computer Literacy Day on 2 December 2001.

Who is known as the father of computer?

Charles Babbage, the British scientist is known as the father of computer because he invented computer.

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